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Cigar Industry Newcomer Throwback Natural Leaf Cigars Eyes A Slice of $10 Million Industry

The Tobacco Market in the United States stood at $90.27 billion in 2020 and is expected to achieve a market value of $115.57 billion by 2026. United States Tobacco Market comprises of four primary products: cigarettes, smoking tobacco, smokeless tobacco, and cigars. A cigar, as defined by the United States government, is “any roll of tobacco wrapped in leaf tobacco or in any substance containing tobacco.” According to recent statistics, revenue in the Cigars industry has reportedly amounted to US$10,455.2m this year alone. The market is projected to grow by 3.56% per annum– compound annual growth rate 2022-2025.

Tobacco consumers’ preferences and tastes are primarily satisfied by the variety of products made available by the tobacco companies—varying in price points. The evolution of products and innovative launches from veteran market players, and the emergence of new market players changing the industry with launches like clove cigarettes and uniquely flavored cigars are just some of the major factors that have been supporting the growth of the U.S tobacco market.

The introduction of innovative tobacco products in a wide variety of flavors has become a critical aspect in ensuring customer satisfaction. As a result, tobacco manufacturers should be placing greater emphasis on premium products that are made with premium quality leaves. Throwback Natural Leaf Cigars are relatively new to the cigar industry; however, they have set a high standard that even some of the most seasoned cigar manufacturers might find difficult to beat.

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Revolutionizing the Cigar Industry

Having only launched in December 2020, Throwback has already sold 37 million cigars. The company prides itself on having no stale cigars, no stems in leaves, and five out of five cigars are premium quality products. Since their recent inception, Throwback Natural Leaf Cigars have developed a reputation for having better quality leaves that do not have holes or stems. While some of their competitor’s leaves are light in color, Throwback tobacco leaves are rich and dark, producing a smooth and pleasant taste that does not burn the throat. 

Rick Ross, Soulja Boy, and Jim Jones are among the numerous rappers that are known to favor these Dominican Republic cigars. Throwback works with their customers, forwarding all customer feedback to the production team to tweak any products that have received constructive criticism. Their products come in pouches of 5 boxes consisting of 40 cigars and will soon be available in singles as well so that cigar aficionados can try out their flavors to pick their favorite. They have a variety of unique options such as Banana Nana, Black Velvet, Grape Cherry Blizz, Russian Cream, Sweet Aromatic, Vanilla, Wild Berry, and Original.

Dominican Republic Cigars Proves to be the Superior Choice

The Dominican Republic has a long-standing reputation for producing the finest quality tobacco. There are more cigar factories based in the region than anywhere else on the globe. As a result, they have become the largest producer of cigars, accounting for 44% of the world’s most traded cigars. This has led the Dominican Republic to become the largest supplier of cigars to America.

One of the most significant reasons why Dominican Republic cigars stand out is due to the supreme quality of tobacco that is grown on the island. The region is favored for its fertile land and has the ideal climate to cultivate a thriving tobacco plantation. It is common practice for cigar manufacturers who are not based in the region to source their leaves from the island.

Final Thoughts

Although new to the market, Throwback Natural Leaf Cigars have been able to fully immerse themselves in the cigar industry, earning their right on the list of top cigar brands in the world. Created by cigar smokers, the brand understands the importance of using premium quality tobacco leaves to evoke an elevated smoking experience.

Cigars, as with everything else in life, should be indulged in moderation. Cigar aficionados recognize that the quality of a cigar directly impacts their aroma and the smoothness of their taste. With smooth tones and a variety of unique flavors that enthrall the senses, cigar connoisseurs are definitely going to be adding these to their collections– if they have not already.

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