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Patrick Byrne Outs Deep State and Election Fraud

Sarasota, Florida – Sept. 22, 2021. On Sept. 15, 2021, Mel K. conducted an interview with Patrick Byrne, and the topic of the conversation was the deep state and election fraud. Byrne, a libertarian, has been trying to save America from corruption for over 15 years. He relates how he learned of the upcoming 2008 Wall Street crash by 2005, including researching hedge funds, interviewing whistleblowers, and researching criminal behavior in the financial markets.

When he put all this information and evidence together, he went to the SEC, FINRA, NASDAQ, NYSE, and others. He even went to senators that listened but did nothing. When one said to him that he was right and they knew it, but they couldn’t do anything about it, Patrick Byrne realized the corruption ran deeper than even he expected. Over the years, Byrne researched more hedge funds and government corruption.

It was in August 2020 that someone asked him to look into election fraud. He didn’t put too much stock into the election fraud at the time but did look into it. That was when he found that it was definitely possible to hack an election and that the election systems – the security, the voting machines – were “bad.”

Byrne then continued researching and found that you only have to steal six places to swing an entire election: Phoenix, Las Vegas, Milwaukee, Detroit, Philadelphia, and Atlanta. He also heard – on video – certain politicians stating that there were only two narratives that would be permitted: Donald Trump loses, or he’s holding a coup.

Patrick Byrne now believes that there has been a problem with elections for over 15 years and that the oligarchy controlling elections has two wings: The financial elite and the deep state. Byrne also stated that if “we let this stand,” meaning the election fraud, the American republic will be lost, having fallen forever into the hands of tyranny of  control by the deep state and financial elite.

You can listen to the whole interview on Rumble.

More About Patrick Byrne

Byrne founded in 1999 and took the company public in 2002.  He resigned from his position in 2019 in order to “shellack the deep state” as he put it at the time. 

In 2021, Byrne self-published The Deep Rig: How Election Fraud Cost Donald J. Trump the White House, By a Man Who Did Not Vote for Him.

In 2021 Byrne founded The America Project, The group focuses on researching and restoring election integrity, and thwarting medical tyranny. 

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