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Mainstream media outlets ignoring growing Chinese missile threat

Over the past few days, there have been several stories coming out of China that should be alarming to Americans. It is no secret that China and Russia are teaming up to create chaos on the world stage. Russia has been advancing into Eastern Europe but China has been silently acting as well.

China announced that they have hypersonic heat-seeking missiles on December 31. In the story from South China Morning Post, it is technology that the United States has been attempting to develop, but is not expected to have until 2025.

One of our biggest adversaries has it and is bragging about it.

Not only that, but China has continued to push for reduced nuclear warhead production across the global scale. Not that China is reducing its capacity, they continue to expand it in order to “protect” themselves.

North Korea has also announced that it has hypersonic missiles and has successfully tested them. I wonder where they got that technology? China is their biggest geopolitical ally and has helped the nation for years.

So where is the reporting and coverage on this from the mainstream media? It’s nonexistent. You do not see The Associated Press, Reuters, ABC, NBC, or any of the others reporting on this story. Even if they did have an article about it, they would bury it beneath other stories.

They are more interested in sharing and promoting their propaganda. The only story that is worth reporting to mainstream media is the anti-conservative, anti-Trump, January 6 narrative.

The headlines are filled with stories about it. The notifications are filled with stories attempting to create an emotional response. They are giving the Democrats a platform to continue to distract from what is really happening in our government.

All the while our adversaries are building their nuclear stockpile. They are developing weapon capabilities beyond ours. All while our President continues to be more interested in jabbing Americans with a vaccine.

While many people do not want to hear this, the stage is being set for something big. Not something big like a great military advancement for the US. Something big like another world war.

China has proven its ability to develop bioweapons with COVID-19. Now, they have elite military technology that we are unable to compete with and it seems that no one is concerned. It is just a matter of time until Russia begins its march to reestablish the USSR and China begins its march to force multiple nations into submission.

With a weak president who has proven that he is incapable of leading our nation, it seems that the time is a lot closer than it has ever been. No doubt the globalists are loving every minute of this as Americans remain in the dark because of mainstream media’s failure to do their jobs.

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