Praise Myself

It is now July, so we have all survived through another pride month. In fact, we will not have another month when people celebrate themselves for being gay until LGBT History Month in October. However, there are still plenty more holiday months that are based on self-centered praise. Our government recognizes many so-called special emphasis programs February is African American History Month, March is National Women’s History Month, May is Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month, June is Pride Month, September and October are National Hispanic Heritage Month, October also is National Disability Employment Awareness Month, and November is National American Indian/Alaska Native Heritage Month.

These month-long holidays have something in common, the holidays all have people celebrate themselves for an immutable characteristic. The left believes that some people should have pride in themselves simply because of how they were born. This may have started out on the fringe, but unfortunately it has infiltrated the culture at an alarming rate. All the woke people and corporations go onto social media and change their profile picture to a rainbow flag, a black square, or whatever the woke symbol for the month is. Some people might even write an angry tweet about how we are supposedly living on stolen land or oppressing black people.

Of course, these rituals don’t actually do anything, but they normalize the pride holidays. Leftist elitists are motivated to do this because they are trying to institute a new form of class warfare. The leftist version of class warfare doesn’t revolve around class, but it is based on supposedly victimized identities. If you are gay, you should have pride because you’re different. If you are black, you should have pride because you have been discriminated against. If you are gender dysphoric, you should be proud because some people still don’t share your delusions. 

The list goes on and on, but leftists have elevated pride as the highest virtue. Pride is not actually a virtue, but in reality it is wrong. In fact, all other wrongs directly stem from pride. The only reason that people can do things they should not is that they have pride in themselves. This is the reason that leftists love pride, their lives are in such disarray that if they ever thought about it, they might wake up from their madness. Basically, Democrats use pride as a form of denialism.

Pride allows leftists to hold their beliefs without questioning them. I am proud that I am a 50% asian, 25% black, 25% latinx giraffe, but I was a white human assigned at birth. I am proud of this identity, so anyone who calls it into question is a bigot. This is essentially all that the Leftist identity ideology is, if you say that a man cannot become a woman, you are labeled a bigot. Of course, the faux women will never question their own constructed identity because they are proud of their identity. The same goes for any identity, real or fake. 

Bad things happen when people don’t think for themselves. Under identity ideology, people are forced to comply with stereotypes. A black man must mimic all the famous rappers that happen to be black, anybody who has listened to a song from mainstream rap will know why this is a bad idea. A woman must act like a man, or she risks being labeled a misogynist. A gay person must be a radical supporter of the pride movement. All the identities just happen to have one thing in common, people who fall under them must vote for Leftists. 

This is really the secret behind identity politics. It is not really about characteristics that a certain person is supposed to display, but rather it is about creating solidarity. Anyone who is in a supposedly victimized group must support others in that group. Supporting others of their same identity means voting for someone who supports that group as well. As the media constantly reminds us, right-wingers are bigots who hate gays, Jews, blacks, females, Muslims, and everyone else who is not a straight white Christian male. This means the only option is to vote for radical Leftists. After all, Joe Biden is definitely less racist than Donald Trump.


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My name is Nicholas and I am a conservative author. My qualifications include having a grasp on reality, a basic understanding of English, and that is about it. I tend to write about cultural and political issues such as abortion, the willful mutilation of oneself, and other things like that. Some people think inspiration is important for writing, but I write from a place of deep horror and disgust.

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