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Nothing to See Here: Biden and Co Continue to Distract from Border Crisis

Another day of the Biden presidency, another day where he completely ignored the border crisis. Rather than focusing on the border crisis, which is expected to get worse in the coming days, Biden chose to talk about the coronavirus.

I guess you really cannot blame him for wanting to talk about the coronavirus, the vaccines, and how he is leading in the pandemic. It is, after all, one of the few areas where Americans have given him high marks for his leadership.

While Biden celebrated new vaccine sites, newly eligible adults, and made his plea for increasing mask mandates, the invasion of our southern border continued. Thousands of kids are still “in cages” as the Left always liked to call them.

Anyone else remember the time that Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was so upset that she went to the border to be photographed. While many have argued the photos weren’t staged, when you consider them after a Democrat is in the White House and her different response, it certainly seems so.

Dr. Anthony Fauci helped Biden with his latest comments about children with masks. In the past, Fauci has said children were not the concern as the virus would have little effect on them. Then he said school was not safe for them. School is safe again, but now they must be forced into masks again. It’s the latest in his moving goal posts comments that Trump talked about in his most recent comments.

Mainstream and fake media outlets, like CNN, helped Biden in his distraction as well. CNN was more interested in trying to have sporting events cancelled in response to Georgia’s new election law. They obviously do not want the election law to exist as it may prevent their ultimate plan.

Others, like NBC News, were pushing the systemic racism narrative once again. As the trial into the George Floyd situation began, media outlets were focused on pushing for more riots. They were covering the protests and were pushing the white supremacy narrative once again.

As is normal for the Democrats and their propaganda partners, they continue to ignore the big issues that are facing Americans. Not just Americans at the border, but it threatens Americans across the country as the Democrats are looking to complete their ultimate destruction of the United States.

It appears that the Democrats really believe that Americans are stupid and are not paying attention. They really believe that you will ignore the border crisis while they let hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants cross the border. Then they will try to tell us that they all deserve free everything and citizenship too.

Biden tried to address the issue by saying he was naming Vice President Kamala Harris to lead the response to the crisis. What slipped through the details from other media outlets was the fact that Harris is not actually addressing the crisis, but it simply being “diplomatic” according to Fox News.

The distractions continue, as Joe Biden is creating an absolute disaster of our southern border and soon to be our nation. Look for media outlets to continue to distract you in the days to come, as the crisis continues to get worse. Much worse than it ever was under former President Donald Trump.

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Jared Dyson

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