There Will Be No Unity

“I think, therefore I vote Republican.” A funny bumper sticker from some years back. The opposite side rings true for liberals, although it is hardly comical. I am emotional therefore I vote democrat.

Social issues and emotional issues can be irrelevant to the health of a nation to a large extent at times, except for personal freedom, and even this is based upon logic to a large extent. What is critical however is sustainable fiscal policies, a strong national security stance, and a commitment to conservative values and morals. Making policies that encumber a nation based upon how a person feels about their gender, physical appearance, and personal choices in life are the stuff of pop culture and should not be driving the national direction of our country. Most folks in this nation just want to pursue their hopes, dreams, and happiness without the government getting in the way.

Progressivism is rooted in emotion, nothing but. The desire to remove President Trump was born of hatred for his personality. Solely. The left was successful in it. No matter what the cost, and it is a high cost indeed, they accomplished that. No matter if we like it or not, the system was corrupted enough to make it happen.

We must remove Trump, no matter what the cost is. This was the mantra of the left from the moment he won the election in 2016. The voters of the left took to the streets in protest, their irrational anger and hostility at a single person was directed toward anyone who dared to think differently than they did. Social media was filled with partisan hate by the left. They screamed at the sky and frankly at anyone, including their party, who showed any conservative thought whatsoever.

The Democratic Party members in all levels of government, from the smallest to the largest, vowed to organize together and use any means necessary to remove their newfound archenemy from the Oval Office. From Senator Chuck Schumer and Representative Nancy Pelosi, along with Adam Schiff all the way down to the anonymous county clerks, the leftist partisan city, state and federal judges. All would contribute, no matter what the cost.

We on the right, do not hate Mr. Biden, we simply do not care about him, nor for him. We see him for what he is, a token representative, pliable to the radical left’s insane agenda. The progressive polices that will be implemented on the other hand are quite possibly insurmountable. Logic would dictate that raising taxes, implementing climate change policies at the expense of the economy and national sovereignty, and making economic policy based upon skin color, and most importantly sanctioning the corruption of election processes will have catastrophic results to an already straining republic.

As if the progressive’s war on common sense, logic and the economy is not bad enough, we now must worry about our most precious rights under attack. Freedom of speech and the right to keep and bear arms are being besieged once again both culturally and legislatively. Although the left is in denial of events, left in a daze of cognitive dissidence regarding the right’s ability to peacefully assemble over 30,000 armed patriots without violence or mishap. Their narrative will continue unabated at a faster pace now with even more onerous anti-gun legislation being planned on by the new regime.

We on the right have seen most on the left indulge in hate filled vitriol for years, you have dismissed your fellow countrymen as Nazis, xenophobic, deplorables and a myriad of other insults in an unrelenting tirade of irrational outbursts. This summer we have seen months and months of unrelenting violence committed by vast numbers of radical progressive leftists. These attacks on our citizens, our cities, and our government have been sanctioned and welcomed by the Biden administration. While the left gets a free pass to vandalize, destroy and disrupt with impunity, the right is labeled as domestic terrorists. The hypocrisy is stunning.

The left has seen to the silence of any dissidence through technological executive fiat. Its relationship with tech giants is unimpeded. Rather than address the concerns of so many patriots that have questions, the left’s solution seems to be to double down on the actions that bring about so many questions in the first place. As we face an increasingly Orwellian future in the world of information and technology, our options for any common ground look as sparse as the nonexistent crowd at a Biden rally.

While the value of peaceful civil discourse cannot be understated, especially in today’s environment, many conversations devolve into arguments and personal attacks. There simply is no way to embrace conservative values and morals and at the same time accept the plethora of ills and wrongdoing brought about by the oppressive nature of the progressive left. There will be no unity.

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Davy Attwood

David Attwood is a conservative business owner, a musician and an aspiring author currently writing his first novel about a woman's daring escape from the socialist country of East Germany and her journey into the American Dream entitled "Only One Free"

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