The Kamala Harris-Mike Pence Debate

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Sitting behind two slates of plexiglass and twelve feet apart from each other because of the virus Kamala Harris and Vice President Mike Pence held their much-anticipated debate and what an excellent debate it was. Moderated by Susan Page of USA Today, It was a much more in control debate than the Presidential debate even though it looked like Page favored Harris since she cut Mike Pence off more frequently than Harris when Pence went on a few seconds longer than allotted, but he was making excellent valid points that needed to be heard.

Harris came off as an arrogant sneering elitist woman making faces at Pence and saying at one point she didn’t like him lecturing her. She flip-flopped more than a fish out of water. Pence on the other hand came across as calm and in control with all his facts together and not having to take as many notes as Kamala did. Kamala resorted to all the typical liberal cliches when it came to race, taxes and the economy. She definitely pandered to the left, saying things like with Biden having a 4 trillion dollar tax increase Biden would invest in the people, education, energy and research and students and people who make less than$125,000 would go school for free.

Pence countered by saying how Trump rebuilt the economy and military and stood for the men and women of law enforcement. Pence reminded Harris that Trump reduced taxes so that the average family of four saved $2000 and salaries increased to $4000 due to his tax cuts. Pence said Harris and Biden want to repeal those tax cuts.

“You’re entitled to your own opinion Kamala,” Pence said, “But not your own facts.”

Harris accused Pence and Trump of just catering to rich people which has been the excuse by the left for the last 30 years or more with the mantra ‘tax the rich”. Kamala said only people who make more than $400,000   would be taxed. We’ve heard that numerous times before too. The trouble with that is that it is rich people who own companies and hire people. When you tax them they lay people off. They are also the ones who buy expensive jewelry cars and yachts and that all goes back into the economy.  When you tax them that all stops.

The moderator brought up what would each side do to stop the virus. Harris said they would develop a vaccine and see that it was safe for people. Pence accused her of plagiarizing their plan and said he and Trump will already have a vaccine by the end of the year and millions of doses ready.

Biden has a history of plagiarizing. Even the slogan of his campaign Build Back Better is an offshoot of Trump’s Make America Great Again and he has advocated to buy American which Trump advocates. When Page asked Harris if a vaccine was available would she take it. She said she would be the first in line to take it, but if Trump was in power she wouldn’t.

When Pence was asked what he and Trump would do since the death rate from the virus is now 125,000 Pence noted how Trump put the travel ban on China when they first heard about it coming from China and even Dr. Fauci admitted that saved thousands of lives and would have been two million deaths if they hadn’t acted as quickly as they did. Biden and Harris called him racist and Xenophobic when he did that and four months later admitted he was right to do that.

When Page asked them about the environment Pence said we now have the lowest carbon emissions of any country and mentioned how Biden is against fracking, oil and gas with their Green New Deal. Harris was quick to come back and said they were all for fracking when there are numerous videos showing both of them against fracking.

Then Harris went off the deep end and took a low blow saying how Trump stood over the graves of soldiers at Arlington and said they weren’t worth it. First of all kamala, that story has been debunked and it wasn’t at Arlington it was supposedly at a cemetery in France and 25 people with Trump have denied it. Nice try Kamala, too bad it didn’t work.

Kamala also said she wants to get rid of private prisons and cash bail.

Some of the commenters on Fox said they didn’t think the debate changed any minds of the undecided voters. If you are undecided at this point you shouldn’t vote since there is no excuse for being undecided with the 24/7 news feeds we have today on radio, TV and online and print media,

Polls on Fox showed that Pence won by a whopping 69% to 30%

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