2020 Presidential Primary Elections

2020 Primary Update

Both the Democratic National Committee and Republican National Committee have multiple candidates in the race to become their respective party’s nominee for president in 2020.

While Republican incumbent President Donald Trump originally faced both Joe Walsh and Bill Weld, only Weld remains in the race after both challengers suffered crushing defeats in Iowa.

The Democrats’ field winnowed a bit after Iowa and lost even more candidates after New Hampshire. While eight candidates remain, only five have managed to pull in at least one delegate.

2020 Democrat Party Delegate Count

CandidateTotal Delegates
Joe Biden885
Bernie Sanders732
Elizabeth Warren (out)72
Tulsi Gabbard2

2020 Republican Party Delegate Count

CandidateTotal Delegates
Donald Trump833
Bill Weld1
Joe Walsh (dropped out)0

Latest 2020 Election News

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