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Kamala Drops Double Digits In Latest 2020 Poll


Democratic California Sen. Kamala Harris plummeted 12 points in CNN’s latest poll for 2020 Democratic presidential candidates.

About 1,000 respondents participated in the poll, which had a +/- 3.7 margin of error, conducted between August 15 and 18.

Former Vice President Joe Biden, who remains in the lead, jumped seven points to 29%. Independent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders came in second with 15%, Democratic Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren came in third with 14%, and Pete Buttigieg came in third with 5%.

The latest CNN poll also saw a drop in the importance of nominating a presidential candidate “with a strong chance of beating [President] Donald Trump” among Democratic voters from 61% in late June to 52% in August.

There was an increase in the importance of nominating a presidential candidate “who shares … positions on major issues” with Democratic voters from 30% in late June to 39% in August.

In a June 28-30 CNN poll following the second round of Democratic primary debates in Miami on June 26, Harris saw her support more than double from 8% to 17%.

Some 41% of Democratic voters who watched the debates thought Harris had the best performance on stage, while only 10% thought Biden had the best performance, according to the June poll.

An Aug. 6 Quinnipiac University poll published after the second round of Democratic presidential debates in Detroit on July 30 and 31 also shows Harris plummeting to 7%.

“Biden survives, Warren thrives and Harris dives as debate number two shakes up the primary,” Assistant Director of the Quinnipiac University Poll Tim Malloy said in a press release, adding, “Sen. Kamala Harris, whose [20%] score put her neck-and-neck with Biden in a Quinnipiac University poll July 2 after the first debate, is now a distant fourth with [7%].”

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