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Three Dead After Southwest Missouri Storm


Three people are dead with several others injured in southwestern Missouri due to a tornado, the Missouri Department of Public Safety tweeted.

The deaths were reported Wednesday evening after a tornado ripped through Jefferson City, Missouri around 11:45 p.m, according to AccuWeather.

The National Weather Service received reports of several tornadoes in southeastern Kansas in addition to the tornado that hit southwestern Missouri.

Warnings to Jasper and Barton Counties were sent out after the southwestern Missouri storm hit. The warnings said that there was a “confirmed large and extremely dangerous tornado,” according to The Kansas City Star.

After the tornado hit, the Missouri State Highway Patrol tweeted that troopers were in the Golden City area to help the Barton County Sheriff’s office and first responders. More severe weather is expected, according to the tweet.

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A tornado also went through Jefferson City, the state capital, on Wednesday evening, according to AccuWeather. A “tornado emergency” was issued after the tornado was on the ground.

Approximately 20 people have been sent to local hospitals because of this tornado and emergency personnel are still moving people from the affected area, a press release from the Jefferson City Police Department said.

Multiple tornado warnings from the National Weather Service went out across Missouri and Kansas on Wednesday night. At least six people have died because of the severe weather in the Plains and Midwest, Newsweek reported.

Earlier this week, multiple tornadoes also hit Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas. These tornadoes follow record-low 2018 twister activity across the U.S.

In Alabama this year, 23 people died in March when powerful tornadoes touched down. The deaths included children, and there was huge damage to the affected areas.

Missouri Republican Gov. Mike Parson declared a state of emergency last week because of severe weather and flood threats. He also tweeted that more people could still be trapped in their homes, and that there was severe damage and power outages.

The Missouri tornado hit on the eight-year anniversary of the 2001 twister in Joplin that left 161 people dead.

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