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Kamala Harris Claims She’s Still Deciding On 2020 Presidential Run


Democratic Sen. Kamala Harris of California said on “Morning Joe” Friday that she’s still undecided about running against President Donald Trump in 2020.

Host Joe Scarborough asked Harris to address the media speculation surrounding her potential White House run and she said she’s close to making a final decision.

“I’ll make it soon. I’m not going to answer today, obviously,” she said.

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Harris told Scarborough the country needs leadership and immediately began listing her credentials.

“Because I believe our country wants and needs leadership that provides a vision of the future of our country in which everyone can see themselves,” she replied. “I’m a career prosecutor. I’ve spent my entire life almost, focused on public safety. We can do that and also focus on issues like what we need to do to build a healthy economy.”

She also cited climate change and China as a major issues, before plugging her book to the viewers.

“We are seeing ascending and descending economies. We are seeing shifting populations for a variety of reasons, including what we need to talk more about, which is climate change. There is so much change happening in the world. And the question I think for us as a country is where do we want to be in this moment and where do we want to be in the near future?” she asked.

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“What are we thinking about in terms of recognizing that some people will applaud China for its efficiency and effectiveness and maybe even point to it as the new model of economic power. But one of the things we have all prided ourselves on as a source of our strength is we have been an economic power that understands that cannon should coexist with an equal commitment to human rights and equality and freedoms. These are the issues being presented to our country today. And those are the issues I think about. And read the book,” Harris laughed.

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