NFL Free Agent Claims Protests are Reason for Not Being Signed Yet

Now that the new league year has officially begun along with free agency, it was only a matter of time until the chronic malcontents who alienated millions of NFL fans with their national anthem protests started squawking again.

Messianic cult leader Colin Kaepernick has hopes of being signed and is conducting private workouts in Texas although whether any team risks further alienating its fanbase by taking the plunge remains to be seen.

Kaepernick’s buddy, San Francisco 49ers defensive back Eric Reid who joined the cop-hating Castro lover during his season of protest and continued to kneel once he was out of the league is not taking it well that he hasn’t been signed only two days into free agency.

Via The New York Daily News “Eric Reid: NFL teams won’t sign me because of national anthem protests with Colin Kaepernick”:

Eric Reid believes kneeling with Colin Kaepernick is the reason he is still a free agent.

The safety was the first 49er to protest inequality during the national anthem alongside Kaepernick and a few days into the signing period, he isn’t on a roster.

“The notion that I can be a great signing for your team for cheap, not because of my skill set but because I’ve protested systemic oppression, is ludicrous,” Reid tweeted Thursday. “If you think is, then your mindset is part of the problem too.”

He went on to clarify that general managers aren’t the ones alleged blackballing him — team owners are.

Just because teams didn’t beat a path to Reid’s door toting bags of money doesn’t necessarily mean that he won’t be signed even though teams may not want the baggage of the protesters. Reid may have kneeled, but he didn’t wear pig socks, gush over communist dictators or send out racist tweets unlike Kaepernick did.

Just protesting the anthem isn’t going to get players blackballed although it may limit the number of organizations willing to give them jobs. Look at Michael Bennett who was the loudest, most obnoxious and most in your racist white face player in the league last season.

He became too much of a pain in the ass for even the liberal Seattle Seahawks to tolerate but was traded to a team that was willing to ingest the poison into their locker room because he can still play.

Despite his whining, Reid will inevitably land another gig even if his ego makes him believe that he is worth more than he is.

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