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Border Patrol Agent: Wall Makes It Easier For Us To Do Our Jobs



by Nick Givas

Border Patrol Agent Terence Shigg said Wednesday on “Fox & Friends” that building a wall on the southern border would help lower the crime rate and make the U.S. safer.

Shigg said he would invite skeptics to see how the border wall would work and is necessary.

“I would invite them to come down to San Diego because, first of all, we already have a wall. So when people assume that there isn’t already a barrier there or some type of wall, that’s incorrect,” Shigg said. “If they come down to San Diego, they’ll see the benefits of it.”

“You can look at the businesses, the homes that have sprouted up. The crime rate that’s gone down. So it’s easy to prove that walls work,” he continued. “That the barriers are efficient and they make it easier for us to do our job in a safe manner.”

Shigg also said California is putting its citizens at risk with sanctuary state policies and accused them of contributing to the “criminal element” of illegal immigration.

“It’s a dangerous thing for the community,” Shigg concluded. “It’s a dangerous thing for the law enforcement officers because that just — that just gives the criminal element more of a reason to come to California and stay here because it’s a safe zone.”

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