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Data on Red State Credit Debt Doesn’t Address the Facts

If there’s something negative going on in America, you can bet your bottom dollar that the liberal media will find a way to blame it on the Conservatives. Unfortunately, you might have to make that a cash bet because the news says that you’re deep in debt.

Earlier this month, the liberal press reported on America’s all-time high outstanding revolving debt. In their coverage, they utilized data from a financial research company to say that Republicans who voted for President Trump in the 2016 election have more credit card debt than residents in blue states.

This was hard to swallow given the fact that, just last year, LendingTree published a study that found Red state residents had a lower average debt. Numbers don’t lie, though, and facts are facts. But how facts are reported is another story and we all know that human beings can warp the truth.

The problem with this monetary revelation isn’t one of numbers or statistics but of omission. The mainstream is all too happy to debunk the image of Republicans as prosperous, but they refuse to acknowledge the reasons why there is an imbalance between red and blue states’ credit.

For starters, we’ve seen a significant shift in recent years, one in which the wealthiest 4 percent of Americans supported the Democratic party. There has been a broad trend among the affluent of embracing Democratic candidates and it’s clear to see why.

The Dems might present themselves as the party of the poor and unfortunate, putting in face time with minorities at church functions during campaign season, but they’re really worried about their bottom line. Nowhere has this been more obvious than in the liberal mecca of California.

After President Trump unveiled his tax reform plan, the state’s Democratic Senate leader Kevin de Leon introduced legally dubious legislation that would enable residents to receive tax credits for making “charitable” deductions to a bogus “Excellence Fund.”

Statistics show that Democrats are more likely to have an attachment to organized labor and reside in more populated urban areas. As such, they have access to better-paying jobs and are less likely to live from paycheck to paycheck.

Although it is true that Democrats are wildly popular with voters who earn less than $15,000 per year, this doesn’t account for the entirety of their voter base nor does it take into account inflation and other economic factors.

Far more Democrats support labor unions than Republicans which makes it tougher on Republicans to find jobs that can offer the kind of money and benefits that are afforded to their liberal counterparts. One can be forgiven for refusing to espouse a mobbed up mentality, but that doesn’t equate to financial stability.

Right-leaning citizens must also contend with workplace harassment as in the case of GrubHub whose CEO sent a company wide email, urging pro-Trump employees to resign, and public torment as in the case of the Starbucks customer who was mocked by baristas for being a Trump supporter.

They are attacked by protesters, assaulted by angry mobs, sucker-punched by extremists and mocked by lazy late-night television personalities who recycle the same puerile jokes about white supremacists and the president’s sexual proclivities.

Blue collar conservatives struggle to make a living wage and must contend with employers who judge them for their political values. This is in stark contrast to Left-leaning staffers who work for major corporations.

Companies like Costco, Rite Aid, K-Mart, Calvin Klein, Levi Straus, Guess and Estee Lauder are run by liberals who donate tens of thousands of dollars to the Democratic party.

As Rick Santorum illustrated in his powerful book Blue Collar Conservatives: Recommitting to an American That Works, scores of Right wing families struggle through no fault of their own. Some working Americans have even gotten fired for supporting the GOP.

The state of the Internet is one of speculation and rampant lies which is why the myth of the filthy rich Republican has endured for as long as it has. Now, it’s apparent that liberal detractors want to flip the script and ridicule the Right for being deep in debt. But it’s not just Republicans who are suffering from interest rates and annual fees.

Ironically, dark blue states have higher levels of credit card debt than more moderate states and New Mexico has the highest rate of consumer debt in the country.

Funny then that they would point the finger at the conservatives about their debt, but it’s hardly a surprise given the low road the liberals take when it comes to such matters. When a national tragedy occurs, they condemn Republicans for allowing US residents to purchase perfectly legal AR-15s instead of questioning why law enforcement ignored red flags prior to such a tragedy.

It seems to be an increasingly ordinary occurrence for the lamestream press to bombard the public with information that’s really nobody’s business. They think nothing of publishing the details of Jared Kushner’s financial disclosure form or running sensationalist headlines like “Jared Kushner’s Debt Soared By Millions Since Entering White House.”

This behavior thumbs a nose at the fundamental rights of all Americans, political figures included. The Fourth and Fifth Amendments of our Constitution are supposed to protect the privacy of our personal information and, yet, the media is permitted to air Republicans’ dirty laundry to advance their agenda.

The good news is, privacy tools exist which all Americans can implement to keep prying eyes at bay. The media can weave whatever yarns they want, but Republicans don’t have to volunteer to give them any ammunition. After all, what is conservatism without freedom and privacy?

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