One NFL Team is Slashing Ticket Prices, More to Follow?

In a story that should be an omen for the rich ingrates whose selfish anti-Americanism on NFL sidelines this year didn’t sit well with fans, a team in the nation’s largest market has just announced that it would be cutting ticket prices in 2018.

The New York Jets will be slashing prices on approximately half the seats in swanky MetLife Stadium although the tickets will still be obscenely priced with the lowest price being $45 for something up in the nosebleed section.

Disgust and disillusion with the protests of the national anthem on behalf of scruffy, inarticulate militant Colin Kaepernick badly backfired by alienating hardcore fans who respect the military, the police and most of all the flag.

Ratings have crashed – including in the playoffs – and pictures of stadiums across the country showed an increasing number of empty seats as patriotic Americans found better things to do with their time than have radical leftist racial politics crammed down their throats.

Empty seats lead to decreased ticket prices and the Jets won’t be the only team to try to lure fans back with discounts.

The New York Daily News Reports “Jets reducing season ticket prices for 2018 season”:

 Jets season tickets will be more cost-friendly next season.

Season ticket prices will decrease by an average of 11% for home games in 2018, and more than half the seats at MetLife Stadium will have price decreases, the team announced Tuesday. The rest of the seats will maintain their same prices.

Fans can also earn a price freeze for 2019 if they enroll in the new 10- and 12-month auto-payment options by March 1, 2018.

Next season, the average ticket price will be the lowest since 2010, and the lowest-priced ticket at MetLife will be $45.

“Every year we look at what is going on around the league, the prices in New York, and in the secondary market,” team president Neil Glat said in a statement. “We have had some price decreases in the past. This is the largest since the building has opened in terms of erage price.”

Not that the protesting dolts are geniuses or anything, but it doesn’t take one to figure that declining television advertising revenues plus falling ticket prices will eventually equal plummeting salaries.

Such goes the law of unintended consequences and the incredibly stupid business decision to engage in conduct that all but screams “kiss my ass” to your fans. It may take awhile but its hard to see this trend reversing itself.

The boycotts have worked and if those dismal playoff ratings are followed by a similar clunker for the Super Bowl the economic effects could start being felt in players’ wallets very soon.

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