Buffalo Columnist: Screw the Bills, It’s Time to Fight Dictatorial Trump

Long-suffering fans of the NFL’s doomstruck Buffalo Bills finally have something to celebrate after their team managed to make the playoffs for the first time in seventeen years.

It took a lot of luck and an epic late-game collapse by the Baltimore Ravens, but the Bills are a part of the postseason elimination tournament this year although it’s unlikely that they will stick around for very long even if they manage to beat the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday.

It was a season of discontent with the league being hijacked by multimillionaire malcontents who all but spat on the troops and used the flag for toilet paper with their silly national anthem protests and fans tuned out in droves rather than having leftist racial politics jammed down their throats.

Whatever bitterness that may have lingered with many in Buffalo has been washed away like the sores of lepers frolicking in the healing waters at Lourdes after Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton’s fourth-down miracle pass resulted in a touchdown and punched Buffalo’s ticket.

The team was so grateful that they are sending 1,400 chicken wings to the Bengals:

But there is no similar sentiment from a columnist who writes for the Buffalo Daily News and has angered fans with his column telling them that it’s more important that they set aside their joy to join the left’s insane resistance against President Trump.

Rod Watson pisses all over the playoff party with his demented screed entitled “Playoff game? Please don’t tell me any more about it”:

Does the phrase “Get a life!” mean anything around here?

I could put up with it Sunday night. After all, the combination of the stunning end to the Bengals-Ravens game and the Bills’ “must win” win was a nice conversation starter.

I wasn’t even averse to rehashing it on Monday, since it was New Year’s Day and nothing else much was happening.

But all week long? I’m sick of it already.

We can’t possibly be so psychologically pathetic that having a football team make the playoffs for the first time in 18 seasons becomes the most important thing in town.

Or are we?


In the meantime, what’s going on in the real world?

We have a president well on his way to becoming America’s first dictator, while he and “rocket man” threaten to blow up the planet. We have environmental and civil rights protections being shredded, agency heads neutering their agencies and a tax bill that expands the massive gap between the haves and have-nots.

We have Albany bracing for trials of former officials and contractors that will lay bare the buying and selling of state government.

And we have a school system that, despite glimmers of hope and change, still graduates too few and fails too many.

But is anybody rallying, partying or waving banners about any of that? No, it’s all Bills, all the time.

Buffalo needs help. At the inevitable watch parties, we should use halftime for mass therapy sessions to reaffirm what should be obvious: There are things more important than Tyrod Taylor’s quarterback rating. A city with Frank Lloyd Wright and Louis Sullivan masterpieces, Underground Railroad sites and a burgeoning medical campus should not have to fixate on LeSean McCoy’s all-purpose yardage.

Of course making the playoffs is a plus; all I’m asking for is a little perspective.

It’s enough to cause mixed emotions in the non-hysterical part of the population. Sure, a wild-card win over the Jaguars on Sunday would be nice.

On the other hand, I don’t think I could put up with another week of 24/7 hype. It’s already gotten on my last nerve.

Go (away) Bills!

Judging from the reaction by die-hard Bills fans on Twitter, Watson really struck a raw nerve:



Most of the responses are too RAW to publish in a family-friendly environment.

Whatever Watson may lack in civic pride he certainly has earned his place in the hierarchy of anti-American disciples of Colin Kaepernick.

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