Packers to Pass on Toxic Kaepernick Despite Loss of Star QB to Injury

The race-baiting puppeteers who have been pulling the strings of their poodle-haired dupe Colin Kaepernick have been doing the man no favors when it comes to salvaging any last vestiges of his once-promising NFL career.

The Green Bay Packers who only days ago were thought of as a Super Bowl contender until superstar quarterback Aaron Rodgers suffered a likely season-ending injury, would rather take their chances with the immortal Brett Hundley than take a flyer on the radioactive Kaepernick.

It was the epitome of brilliant timing. Only hours after Rodgers was blasted into the turf by Minnesota Viking linebacker Anthony Barr and hauled off the field on a cart, Kaepernick’s lawyers officially filed a grievance claiming that all 32 teams colluded to blackball their client.

So much for a tryout in Green Bay. Granted that it was a long shot but Team Kaepernick just essentially snuffed out any chance that their ignorant meat puppet will have at landing on an NFL roster in 2017 – or maybe EVER.

Via CBS Sports “Packers don’t plan on adding Colin Kaepernick after Aaron Rodgers injury”:

Just minutes after the Packers officially announced that Aaron Rodgers would likely miss the rest of the season with a broken collarbone, NFL fans on the internet started doing what NFL fans on the internet do best in that situation: Suggesting names of quarterbacks that the Packers should now sign.

Everyone from Colin Kaepernick to Tony Romo to Brett Favre was mentioned as a possible replacement for Rodgers. However, don’t look for those three guys, or anyone, for that matter, to sign with Green Bay anytime soon, because it seems that Packers coach Mike McCarthy is more than happy to move forward with the quarterbacks he already has on his roster.

“As far as the quarterback position, Brett Hundley is my quarterback, Joe Callahan is the backup,” McCarthy said after Green Bay’s 23-10 loss to the Vikings on Sunday. “That’s the direction we’re going.”

Although Hundley struggled against the Vikings — he threw three interceptions — McCarthy still believes he’s the best man for the job in Green Bay.

“I have confidence in Brett Hundley, but more importantly it’s how it all fits together,” McCarthy said, via “So we’re going to have strengths as an offense, we’re going to focus on those, look at the matchup of our opponent and then we’re going to go get it.”

This despite the league’s lickspittle Peter King writing at Sports Illustrated to advocate in favor the Packers signing Kaepernick and taking some heat off of his BFF Roger Goodell:

Via King’s popular MMQB column “Aaron Rodgers Injury Could Be Reason For Green Bay Packers to Call Colin Kaepernick”:

My opinion: The Packers should call Colin Kaepernick on Monday morning. Not necessarily to sign him. If I were general manager Ted Thompson and coach Mike McCarthy, I’d want to meet with Kaepernick to see if he’d be willing to come in as a backup to Hundley while he took a crash course in the offense. If they’re impressed enough with his approach and his conditioning, they could sign him and groom him to be Hundley’s backup—and, if Hundley struggles mightily (as he did Sunday at Minnesota) in the next game or two, then McCarthy can judge whether Kaepernick or number three quarterback Joe Callahan gives the Packers the best chance to win. With the bye week coming up after Sunday’s game against the Saints, that would give the staff 19 days between now and the game after New Orleans to see how much Kaepernick could absorb, and to see if he can be better than Hundley or Callahan.

Maybe Kaepernick can be a fit. Maybe he can’t. And this grievance Kaepernick filed could complicate things too. I just know that if I were the Packers, I would want to feel very good about my quarterback situation when the rest of my team is a solid playoff contender.

Despite Mr. King’s lobbying it simply isn’t going to happen. Not after Kaepernick’s advisors chose to go nuclear and then for good measure, dragged President Trump into their case which at first glance looks like it will have more race-baiting than the O.J. Simpson trial.

Green Bay will sink on their own and don’t expect an S.O.S. to be sent out pleading for Mr. Kaepernick to rescue them.

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