Amazon Studios Boss Suspended Over Lewd Proposition to Female Producer

We could be standing on the brink of a great Hollywood shakeout following the exquisite fall from grace of Democrat mega-donor Harvey Weinstein and the ripple effects are only now being felt.

Weinstein’s outing as a vile, woman-abusing, adulterous scumbag has laid bare liberal celebrity hypocrisy and the condescending lectures given to the rest of the country by actors, talk-show hosts and washed-up has beens.

With the FBI suddenly involved and allegations of sexual abuse from across the pond, Weinstein was unable to pull a Polanski and is reportedly headed to a sexual addiction clinic in Arizona. The question is that if there was a problem, then why did he wait until years of his abuses finally exploded on the public stage starting with last week’s New York Times expose.

To paraphrase another sick sexual degenerate, It’s the hypocrisy stupid!

Actress Rose McGowan has been stirring the pot and following a broadside against Weinstein and Ben “Buttman” Affleck, she was suspended from Twitter. Once she exited from timeout, McGowan turned her fire on one of the most powerful men in America – Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.

Bezos is the owner of the anti-Trump Ministry of Propaganda the Washington Post and one of the richest men on the planet and he was ripped by one of Weinstein’s victims over the pigs rooting in his own sty.

Then, as if it were a part of a movie script, Amazon Studios Hollywood honcho Roy Price was suspended by his employer over a crude proposition he made inviting a female producer of the hit series “The Man in the High Castle” to engage in anal sex with him.

According to an EXCLUSIVE from showbiz mag Variety “Amazon Suspends Entertainment Chief Roy Price”:

Amazon has suspended top entertainment executive Roy Price. Albert Cheng, COO of Amazon Studios, has been named interim head of the division.

“Roy Price is on leave of absence effective immediately,” an Amazon spokesperson told Variety Thursday. “We are reviewing our options for our projects we have with the Weinstein Company.”

The Amazon Studios president’s departure on an unpaid leave comes amid renewed sexual harassment allegations and multiple signs that Amazon and others in the industry had withdrawn their support from the embattled executive. Insiders have speculated for months about Price’s possible departure from his role as head of Amazon’s original-video arm. Multiple agents and producers who spoke to Variety in recent weeks speculated that such a departure may come soon.

That speculation was driven by concerns over possible sexual harassment and a dramatic shift in Amazon’s approach to original programming — one that was mandated by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, and which rejects the strategy employed for years by Price.

On Thursday, reports resurfaced of an alleged harassment incident involving Price and Isa Hackett, an executive producer on Amazon original series “The Man in the High Castle” and the daughter of science-fiction author Philip K. Dick. According to reports, Price allegedly made a lewd joke to Hackett playing off the title of the Amazon series “I Love Dick,” pressured Hackett for sex, and made crude reference to anal intercourse.

Additional detail is provided via the Hollywood Reporter:

Once in the cab, Hackett says Price repeatedly and insistently propositioned her. “You will love my d**k,” he said, according to Hackett, who relayed her account to multiple individuals in the hours after the alleged episode. (The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed Hackett told at least two people about the alleged incident in the immediate aftermath.) Hackett says she made clear to Price she was not interested and told him that she is lesbian with a wife and children.

Hackett says Price did not relent in the cab or once they arrived at the Amazon party. As she talked with other executives, she says that Price stepped close to her and loudly said, “Anal sex!” in her ear.

As philosopher king John McCain is fond of saying “there are lots of shoes to drop from this centipede” and by the time that they are done falling, Hollywood’s elite hypocrites will be shorn of the credibility that they never had to begin with.

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