Mutinous NFL Locker Room Reportedly Clamoring for Kaepernick

Two weeks into the new season and already the Cincinnati Bengals are well on their way to the team’s worst record in years.

An 0-2 start and the inability to score an offensive touchdown has already led to the firing of sacrificial lamb Ken Zampese as Offensive Coordinator but it may be fixin’ to get really ugly for the boys in the orange, striped helmets.

The locker room appears to be fracturing with many players calling for the head of underachieving quarterback Andy Dalton.

Hey, Dalton has sucked out loud and has never lived up to the massive new contract that he signed three years ago but the solution that some players are proposing could be a locker room killer as well as an insult to millions of fans.

The anti-Dalton faction wants the team to sign Colin Kaepernick as his replacement and to do it now.

According to Cincinnati television station WCPO 9 “Report: Some Bengals players want team to consider Colin Kaepernick”:

After scoring only nine points in two games, there are reports that some Cincinnati Bengals players would like to see the team replace Andy Dalton, CBS Sports reported.

According to PFT, some of the team thinks “the Bengals should go off the board and consider bringing in Colin Kaepernick.”

During the 2016 preseason, the former 49ers quarterback announced he would not stand during the National Anthem due to social inequality. He was joined by dozens of other athletes in similar on-field protests.

Though there’s no indication the team would make a move toward Kaepernick, the Bengals fired offensive coordinator Ken Zampese Friday after two regular season games without a touchdown. Quarterback coach Bill Lazor will serve as his replacement.

This would be a bad move for the Bengals who have a history of undisciplined characters if not outright malcontents during the 15-year reign of head coach Marvin Lewis who would probably be down on a roll of the dice by bringing in Kaepernick despite his baggage and history of racist tweets.

It’s hard to see how such a move wouldn’t be career suicide for the desperate Lewis who would face the possibility of a black vs. white locker room split and a downward spiral to the depths of the NFL standings.

It’s also difficult to see how this will go over with the members of the team who are still loyal to Dalton and backup A.J. McCarron. Or to guys like tight end Tyler Eifert who just penned a masterful ode to patriotism on why he chooses to stand for the national anthem.

Then there the fans who may have big issues with bringing in Kaepernick. Whether or not it becomes a reality, there now exists that schism within the locker room and it will fester like a raw sore the more that Dalton stinks out the joint.

It is like the legend of requiring a vampire to be invited in and a real-life horror show for Cincy.

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