ESPN Forced to Apologize After ‘Slave Auction’ Fantasy Football Draft

Cable sports and liberal politics giant ESPN has found that advocating for Colin Kaepernick and promoting far-left political causes doesn’t necessarily immunize them from being attacked by the legions of Confederate statue topplers and anarchists who have been enabled by the media.

The network had to apologize, grovel and beg for forgiveness after it was condemned over a segment promoting the upcoming fantasy football season that thin-skinned racial outrage merchants howled was reminiscent to a slave auction.

It just goes with the territory in today’s ultra-sensitive racial environment in a country that has been so radically transformed into an intolerant colony of forced diversity fascists by our former POTUS that it could at this point be renamed as the Banana Republic of Obamastan.

I mean really, this is freaking ridiculous on every level.

Fantasy football has become a popular and lucrative industry in the past decade and this is just one more way to drain the entertainment value out of the sport for the average fan.

Via NBC’s Pro Football Talk “ESPN apologizes for fantasy football auction”:

ESPN’s recent effort to take full advantage of the fantasy football phenomenon included a staged player auction segment that looked a little too much like a slave auction. ESPN has now apologized for the segment.

“Auction drafts are a common part of fantasy football, and ESPN’s segments replicated an auction draft with a diverse slate of top professional football players,” ESPN said in a statement issued to “Without that context, we understand the optics could be portrayed as offensive, and we apologize.”

This will surely cause some to claim that ESPN is simply letting its supposed liberal bias show, and that it’s bowing to a vocal minority who objected to the similarities between bidding on football players and bidding on slaves. But if ESPN was as liberal as many accuse it of being, ESPN wouldn’t have produced that segment in the first place, right?

The optics for the segment were awkward at best. ESPN should have known it before airing it, but ESPN did the right thing by acknowledging it and apologizing for it. Especially in light of the domestic mess that has unfolded in only one week after the tumult in Charlottesville.

This may get me accused of being a white supremacist, Nazi, Trump-supporting advocate of human slavery but here are my own 2017 top ten draft rankings:

1: David Johnson, Running Back, Arizona Cardinals

2: Aaron Rodgers, Quarterback, Green Bay Packers

3: Antonio Brown, Wide Receiver, Pittsburgh Steelers

4: Devonta Freeman: Running Back, Atlanta Falcons

5: LeSean McCoy: Running Back, Buffalo Bills

6: Julio Jones: Wide Receiver, Atlanta Falcons

7: Odell Beckham III, Wide Receiver, New York Giants

8: Le’ Veon Bell: Running Back, Pittsburgh Steelers

9: Jameis Winston: Quarterback, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

10: Tom Brady: Quarterback, New England Patriots

So, does this make me a racist since eight of my top ten choices are black or am I just an astute player looking for the inside edge to win a championship?

You would feel that having draft rankings that are front-loaded with black players (with the exception of the one who really matters to the whiners) would indicate that admission that at least in athletic and competitive terms, that these players are superior to white players.

It could have actually been nine out of ten because I dropped black Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott down my draft board due to his six-game suspension which is currently being appealed.

And over the last five years, I have never once drafted Colin Kaepernick simply because he is type of guy who will cost you a title because of his inconsistency.

Holy Crap! Can it possibly get even MORE ridiculous than it already is? If so, this is it.

While slavery has long been banished from the U.S., the racial grievance ghouls have revived it as a modern issue which is the camel’s nose under the tent to demand that the government institute a tax on white people to pay reparations.

That is simply my personal opinion and I could be wrong but I am pretty good at spotting developing trends after over five decades of walking the planet.

It probably serves ESPN right though and it’s actually more than a bit humorous to see them get hoisted upon their own petard like this after the network made the decision to mix racial politics with sports.

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