Both parties collude to remove budgetary spending caps

A $790 billion national security bill that included money for the southern border wall passed the House of Representatives on Thursday that is likely to die in the Senate. Welcome to the swamp.

A package of four appropriations bills covering national defense, homeland security, energy, and money for the veterans affairs also included $1.6 billion for the wall on the southern U.S. border with Mexico.

The House Resolution will not likely be considered by the Senate as Democrats are set to filibuster the measure which will prevent it from coming to the floor for debate. House Republicans may only have passed it knowing the outcome ahead of time.

Republicans Working With Democrats to Increase Deficit

Both chambers and both parties already have a standing agreement to pass short-term funding measures later this year that will remove spending caps from domestic and military spending and won’t have much in it for the wall.

The House passed a measure that they knew would die in the Senate – both parties appear to be doing what their constituents want.

Later, the Senate Republicans will put the House bill up for consideration and Democrats will filibuster which will prevent it from even being debated. As a result, Congress is “forced” to create short-term funding measures which happen to contain the removal of spending caps set in the Budget Control Act of 2011. Once the caps are removed, both parties will spend money on lobbyist pet projects without any limits. 2009, here we come again.

Democrats and Republicans are working together to spend more taxpayer money even as the country crosses 106% Debt to GDP ratio – the highest ever.

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