Get Your Trump Smashing, Ass Kicking Elizabeth Warren Action Figure

Those who have been stricken by Trump Derangement Syndrome can take some solace that a brand new, ass-kicking action figure of Democrat Senator Elizabeth Warren is in the works.

The ultra-shrill leftist moonbat has established herself as one of the few Democrats who make Hillary Clinton look rational and as a result, has earned herself legions of adoring fans who are all as batshit crazy as she is.

Senator Warren aka Pocahontas has been one of President Trump’s most strident critics and despite the fact that the Democrats are essentially neutered as far as political power goes, the fake Indian is among the frontrunners for the Dems for the 2020 nomination.

Now an enterprising group has stated a Kickstarter campaign to mass produce an Elizabeth Warren action figure that is being promoted to the left as a chance to kick the crap out of Trump.

Via The Hill “Warren gets her own action figure”:

Sen. Elizabeth Warren is persisting … as an action figure.

The Massachusetts Democrat is the latest politician to be transformed into an action figure as part of a Kickstarter campaign from product design maker FCTRY.

The company has a history of drawing inspiration from real-life Washington regulars, creating action figures based on Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, President Trump and former President Obama.

“The moment Mitch McConnell spoke the words, ‘Nevertheless, she persisted,’ we knew Warren had to be our next figure,” Erica Chon, FCTRY’s content strategist, tells ITK.

While Warren is unable to win arguments on policy, the new doll can karate chop that nasty Trump right in the kisser.

Hey, if you can’t win elections why not break out your toys and just pretend like over-aged petulant children in a sandbox?

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Donn Marten

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