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Secretary of Homeland Security Suggests that Leaks Border on Treason

There are encouraging signs that the Trump administration may be ready to go on offense against the relentless smear campaign being conducted by the media and deeply embedded leakers.

The torrent of anonymous leaks fed to the media took two serious turns this past week, one personal and one dangerous.

The Washington Post unleashed another extravaganza claiming that according to “U.S. officials briefed on intelligence reports” that Jared Kushner had tried to set up a secret backchannel communications line to the Russians.

Never mind that the anonymously sourced leak seems to provide the very reason why such a thing may be wise in order to keep Obama loyalists from abusing their powers to exact political payback. The Democrats and media have been gobbling up their Memorial Day weekend nothingburgers for four days now.

Obama’s stay behind network and their media operatives have shown no qualms about going after President Trump’s family and the attack on son-in-law Kushner is just the latest in a long series of smears and hit pieces. Even the mob has a code of honor when it comes to targeting family, the media possesses no such thing.

The second leak is far more ominous.

Earlier this week, the New York Times published a report divulging details of Monday’s grisly terrorist attack on mostly women and children in Manchester, England. Islamic extremists were responsible for detonating a bomb packed with shrapnel that killed 22 and injured 60 – many of them grievously – during an Ariana Grande concert.

The Times’ scoop infuriated British authorities including Prime Minister Theresa May who expressed her discontent to President Donald Trump during his European visit.

As a result of the leak to the media, the Brits threatened to stop sharing intelligence with the U.S., a sign that the anti-Trump leakers have now entered the domain of international relations and the reckless endangerment of lives.

This brazen prioritization of making money over saving lives may have provided information to the terrorists that would allow them to escape and possibly kill even more innocent victims.

With Congress and the FBI clearly uninterested in investigating the leakers, Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly went on national television and blasted the leaks.

On Sunday morning, Kelly appeared on NBC’s Press the Meat Meet the Press and suggested that the Manchester leaks were borderline treason.

NBC News reports “Sec. John Kelly: Intelligence Leaks Are ‘Darn Close To Treason’”:

Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly on Sunday condemned intelligence leaks after the Manchester attack as “darn close to treason.”

The sharing of intelligence related to the case between British counterterrorism police and U.S. officials was briefly paused after pictures from the scene of Monday’s deadly Ariana Grande concert bombing were published in the New York Times – and authenticated to NBC News by a senior U.S. law enforcement official. The name of the suspected attacker was also released to the press.

“I believe when you leak the kind of information that seems to be routinely leaked – high, high level of classification… I think it’s darn close to treason,” Kelly told NBC’s “Meet The Press.”

Kelly’s comments are significant in that it is a marked escalation in how the ongoing leaks have been defined. While nearly all of the leaks to the media have been made with the intent to take down a legitimately elected president, the one regarding the Manchester attack is serious.

That it ended up in the New York Times where a good amount of the anti-Trump leaks have been published is an indication that there may be a connection. Perhaps an insider trying to do a solid for the presstitute reporters who have so well served the Deep State/Obama regime agenda.

It could be that the gloves are about to come off in regard to the leakers and it would be about damned time. These people are criminals and their stooges in the media who masquerade as reporters are accomplices.

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