Tim Tebow’s Pursuit of Major League Baseball Dream Will Begin in Columbia

If former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow is to realize his dream of playing big league baseball, he will have to work his way up the ladder starting from the low minors.

The New York Mets have assigned the former Florida Gators legend to their Class-A affiliate. It will be with the Columbia Fireflies of the South Atlantic League where Tebow will get the opportunity to develop his chops.

He will be warmly welcomed by the locals who will be able to cheer for one of the truly good guys in the world of sports.

Columbia CBS affiliate WLTX 19 reports “Tim Tebow’s Presence to Have Huge Impact on Columbia”:

The addition of Tim Tebow to the Columbia Fireflies brings more than fan excitement to the area. His presence is also expected to boost ticket sales.

In the inaugural season, more than 261,000 fans attended Fireflies games.

“Columbia Fireflies exceeded expectations in ticket sales,” says Carl Blackstone, president of the Greater Columbia Chamber of Commerce.

Blacksone says Tebow will add to the excitement of the growing Bull Street property.

“When we bring folks into town, that’s one of the first places we take them to see,” says Blackstone. “There’s a lot of excitement being built up and so I can’t wait for the restaurants and commercial property to be built out there.”

The president of the Fireflies believes Tebow will not only bring fans, but will also help lift the other players who are working to make it to the major leagues just like him.

“Looking into the dugout and just seeing the easy way that he gets along with the players and the coaches, it looks like he really belongs there, and that’s something that’s really exciting,” says John Katz.

While an increase in ticket sales is a given in Columbia, other teams are also looking to capitalize on the latest iteration of Tebowmania.

The rival Greenville Drive has announced a promotion designed to poke the new Firefly in the eye. The Boston Red Sox affiliate trolled Tebow by promising free Burger King Whoppers if he strikes out three times in a game during their June home series against Columbia.

Such things have a tendency to backfire though with the potential for some of that old Tebow magic always a possibility. The Drive and their fans may very well end up eating their words instead of those free Whoppers.

While it’s probably a bit of a long shot for the 29-year-old Tebow to have a miraculous major league career, he’ll give it his best shot at becoming a real life version of Roy Hobbs.

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