Donald Trump: I will accept a “clear election result”

Donald Trump clarified his reluctance to declare that he’d accept the election results at a rally in Ohio Thursday.

Trump said that he would accept a “clear election result,” but would reserve the right to contest a “questionable result” as Al Gore did in 2000.

Donald was asked at last night’s presidential debate if he would accept the results of the 2016 presidential election to which he replied that he would look at the results and make a determination at that time.

If proof of voter fraud, vote tampering, polling-place intimidation or voting machine hacking becomes evident, it would be his right to contest a close result in precincts where illegal voting activity was reported.

America would rather have the issues resolved and deliver the right person to the White House – no matter who that might be.

Democrats feigned outrage at Trump’s comment is pure hypocrisy as Al Gore’s recount demands and legal challenges in the 2000 election represent exactly the efforts Trump might initiate if there is suspicion of fraud.

Whether Trump’s comments in Ohio clear it up for voters or not, this will be the headline for at least one news cycle, but it won’t change the election results.

First, the third debate has had almost no influence on polls in past elections – so this one is unlikely to matter either.

The Trump tax thing is falling on deaf ears and unless WikiLeaks drops something significant, the polls will likely return to neck-and-neck at the national level and a close, but winnable for either candidate, electoral college vote.

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