The Sixth Republican Debate 1/2016


On Thursday night January 14th the sixth republican debate was held in North Charleston South Carolina and what a lively and fun debate it was. Hosted by FOX Business anchors Maria Bartilomo and Neil Cavuto, who did an outstanding job, the candidates answered questions dealing with the economy, internal politics,taxes and world events. Many times sharp barbs were thrown at one another which made it entertaining as well as informative. I thought all the candidates seemed more polished than the last couple of debates and answered very substantive questions with hard core facts rather than resorting to pure emotion like democrats are prone to do.

At the start of the debate the question was raised about Ted Cruz’s eligibility to run as president since he was born in Canada. Trump took a few jabs at Ted for that and Ted responded that his mother was born in the U.S so that makes him a citizen and eligible.  Many people think Trump was the one who first brought that up, but he claims he read it in a newspaper and decided to question Ted about it. The media has since run with it. Ted said since his mother was born here he was a natural born citizen just like if someone was born overseas to an American citizen they would be a natural born citizen.  I think this had to be started by the liberal news media since Obama was less qualified than Cruz with a faked birth certificate after months of secrecy about his birth place and nobody questioned it.

All the candidates agreed that Obamacare should be repealed and that the country is very angry now because of the lack of action and lawlessness from the Obama administration. The people are angry that their country is slipping away under Obama and are not respected around the world. When you hear the candidates respond with hard core facts like last night to prove their point you realize what a terrible and dangerous and reckless administration the Obama administration is if you didn’t know already. They all agreed that Hillary would just be a third Obama term and a disaster for this country. Bush sited the FBI investigating Hilary and said if she was president she would spend the first 100 days going back and forth from the white house to the court house. 😀

Referring to how the country has been under Obama New Jersey Governor Chris Christie referred to the SOTU speech as “story time with Barack Obama.”:D Christie said, “Under this president it is not a democracy but a dictatorship with his constant executive orders when things don’t go his way.” “This president has done nothing and under him and Hillary we have fewer democracies around the world,” he said. Christie called Obama a “petulant child.”

On the topic of immigration and ISIS Donald Trump was all for security. Neil Cavuto asked him about his quote about banning Muslims from this country. Donald quickly corrected him saying it was not a permanent ban and just a temporary one until we can find out who is who and what is going on. Donald said he had Muslim friends who agreed with him. Everyone has their knickers in a twitch over his statement, but Jimmy Carter did it with the Iranians for four years when they took our embassy hostage that time. Trump said “We have a problem with radical Islamists and this president refuses to say radical Islamists. I want security which we don’t have right now.”

Overall it was lively debate and I thought Rubio, Trump, Cruz and Christie all shined. It was hard to make a choice of who won the debate. I thought Cruz won, but the Drudge report  vote has Trump wining with Cruz second and Rubio third.

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Jim Clayton

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