Playing mind games can be healthy

The fact that you experience a “senior moment” now and again doesn’t mean you’re your losing it, reports the Association of Mature American Citizens.  Forgetfulness is part of the aging process.
“It’s normal to forget some things, and to become a bit more forgetful as you age.  It’s also normal to worry about forgetting.  What isn’t normal is forgetting too much,” according to Dr. Kirk Daffner, chief of the division of cognitive and behavioral neurology at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston.
If you forget the name of an actor in a movie, he says, there is no need for alarm.  But, if you forget that you ever saw the movie, it may be concerning.  If that kind of thing happens, Daffner suggests you see your primary care physician.  He may be able to determine if your memory loss is due to a physical condition or medications you may be taking.
Meanwhile, remember that your brain is aging along with the rest of you and that your body, including your brain, needs as much exercise as it can get in order to stay fit.  So, in addition to taking a daily walk or going to the gym, consider playing mind games that give your brain a workout.  Crossword puzzles, reading books or taking up a new hobby might suit you.

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