Playing Russian Roulette And Gambling With The American People’s Lives


Donald Trump proposed putting a halt on all Muslims coming into this country temporarily until we can figure out what’s going on. Right away his fellow republicans attacked him as well as the liberal  media and libs in general, but I think he’s suggesting the right thing. The liberal media is of course bastardizing his remarks saying he wants to ban all Muslims. IT IS NOT A PERMANENT BAN, BUT A TEMPORARY HALT FOR THE SAFETY OF US ALL.

He did not suggest putting Muslims in concentration camps, as was done to Japanese, Germans and a few Italians at the start of WW 2 under FDR..Like to dislike Trump’s suggestion for Muslims, the question is:  Is this as bad as what was done by FDR?

I received the following letter from a website I subscribe to:

Recently Hillary Clinton’s right hand woman Huma Abedin took Donald head on.

“I’m a proud Muslim – but you don’t have to share my faith to share my disgust,” Abedin wrote in an email to supporters. “Trump wants to literally write racism into our law books.” (This coming from the woman who recently said  she wanted the U.S. to flood the nation with Muslims.)

Trump’s recent proposition to impose “a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on,” is based on research he claims shows that “there is great hatred towards Americans by large segments of the Muslim population.”

While the republican presidential candidate’s release pointed to an online poll from the controversial think tank Center for Security Policy, which claimed 25 percent of Muslims living in America believe violence against Americans “is justified as a part of the global jihad,” Abedin believes that his statement is nothing more than Trump acting out of fear.

“His Islamophobia doesn’t reflect our nation’s values – it goes far enough to damage out country’s reputation and could even threaten our national security,” she adds. “Unfortunately, Trump is leaning into the kind of fear of progress that very well could help him win the nomination. We have to be ready to stop him.”

 it seems no matter how outlandish or potentially offensive Trump may seem, more and more Americans are standing with The Donald.
And with the lack of leadership coming out of Washington these days, it’s really no surprise.

President Obama’s address to the nation this past Sunday highlighted not only a lack of leadership in the Oval Office, but a sense of complete detachment from the American people.

The President seems to believe that the bigotry of Americans, climate change, and the existence of the Second Amendment are to blame for last week’s Islamic terrorist attack in San Bernardino, CA.

He even denounced those who choose to correctly identify the problem as radical Islam.

Such weak, detached comments stand in stark contrast to Trump’s aggressive call to action.

Maybe it is a more extreme approach, but have we heard any alternatives? Has anyone else taken leadership on this issue? Just how many terrorist attacks from radical Muslims do we need in order to take decisive action?

These are all questions our leaders (and potential leaders) ought to be considering.

Trump is right, look at what has happened to Europe because of the mass immigration from Muslim countries. The attackers of Paris had basically a safe haven living in a Muslim dominated district in Belgium. Nobody is calling the police there.

We’ve seen what those 9 guys did on 9/11 and now what these two did in Calf.  and Obama wants to bring in 10,000 when ISIS said they will infiltrate  them like they did in France? No way. What Trump  says is not like FDR putting them in camps. He just said put a halt on them. I think Ike did the same thing with the Japanese for a while. Just put a halt on immigration for a while.  Besides Islam is not compatible with  Western Civilization. Many of those coming here are not coming to assimilate, but are bringing their values here. Many Muslims are now saying they want a choice between having Sharia values or United States values. Most Muslims when asked in a recent survey said they prefer Sharia law over United States law.

To all those liberals who dislike Donald Trump these are the facts: 1) Was he not right about 9/11? Donald said to go after Osama Bin Laden right after the first trade center attack .If they had listened to him then maybe 3000 lives would be saved today.

2) Was he not right about Iraq?

3) Was he not right about ISIS?

4) Was he not right about the illegal immigration in this country and the fact USA has 11 million “Undocumented illegal immigrants” and NOBODY is doing anything about it?

5) Was he not right about the disastrous IRAN deal? IRAN is “conducting” missile tests in plain violation of the resolution of the agreement. These missiles are capable of holding a nuclear warhead and hitting Isreal.

6) What about his TAX plan? Is it not designed to help the poor and boost the economy? How is it compared to the heavy “exit tax” Hillary wants to impose on the companies which want to leave the country?

7) Was he not right about his idea of BOMBING ISIS OIL FIELDS? For all those things, Trump took a heat, and now EVERYONE AGREES with HIM. That’s a sign of a LEADER, you may not like his style but he has been right about all of those things.

In addition his fellow candidates condemned him for the wall and now they agree with him. They condemned him for illegal immigration and now they agree with him. Now they are condemning him for his stance to put a temporary halt on Muslims coming in here, but I’m sure they will agree with him in time for it is the right thing to do. He was the first one to talk about the poor service our veterans were  receiving and now they all are talking about it.

Everyone says in order  to fight terrorism we have to have the help of the Muslim community, but where are the “non-radicalized” Muslims? If of course there even is such a thing. It’s amazing how you never see them defending their religion, they never get front and center and denounce that what the “radical” Muslims are doing is wrong. None of them ever says Allah does not teach this behavior, etc, etc…..

I saw this comment recently that sums it up:

Sharia Law # 3 “A Caliph can hold office thru seizure of power, meaning thru force! DON’T people “STUDY” what Muslims believe? Don’t they give a damn? Don’t they want to KNOW who and why these people come to this country! Well, I do, and I have read the Sharia laws. There are 38 of these *** laws! the first S/L is to LIE to preserve islam and protect it image etc. No2 S/Is Jihad against all NON-Muslims! That’s enough right there to NOT have Muslims in this nation, BUT READ and KNOW the other 35 Laws of Sharia, especially if you are a woman!! Go ahead.. READ THE LAWS!

All these Senators and pendants who are railing against  Trump’s  idea of a temporary halt when they know full well that ISIS is using the refugee program to infiltrate and come here to kill us is playing Russian Roulette and gambling with the American people’s  lives.

When the next attack comes and we will get hit again, all these people who opposed Trump will have blood on their hands.

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