Donald Trump to make decision on third party run “soon”

Donald Trump is basking in the glory of high poll numbers and adoring media, but he still has a major decision to make if he wants to win the GOP nomination.

In order to compete in the South Carolina Republican primary election, a candidate is required to promise that he/she (ze?) will promise to support the eventual nominee. In other words, if you want to get primary votes from the palmetto state, you have to “promise” to not make a third party run.

Trump today said, “as far as a third-party run is concerned, the Republican Party has been treating me very, very fairly. All I ask is fairness,” he told reporters  in Nashville, Tennessee on Saturday. “In terms of victory, that would certainly be the best path to victory, and we’re gonna make a decision very soon and I think a lot of people are gonna be very happy.”

Trump will likely make the promise. Otherwiset, more states will likely add a similar requirement making it impossible for him to win the nomination. He could certainly run as a third-party candidate, but if he promises that he won’t … and then does .. he will have about as much credibility as Hillary Clinton.

Trump is enjoying his time at the top of the polls, but he should be aware of history as many candidates have been where he is only to end up footnotes in history.

“I’ve been treated very nicely, as you know. I’ve been leading in every poll. I’m leading in every state — by a lot. And nationally by a lot,” he said. “I have a great relationship to the Republican Party — to the conservatives, to the evangelicals, to the tea party. You probably noticed right across the board.”

Donald’s unfavorable numbers are of great concern. With as much as 42% of those surveyed saying they’d pick anyone but Trump, when other candidates exit the race those votes will go to “anyone but Trump.” The current GOP front-runner will have to figure out how to court those who would rather slide down a white-hot razor blade into a pool of alcohol before voting for the previously liberal candidate. If he can’t do that and goes third party .. he’ll be another footnote.

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