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When Donald Trump announced his candidacy for president he touched down like a tornado. He was full of vim and vigor and self assurance and immediately generated a following that had been sleeping much too long and felt refreshed that there still might be hope to save our country yet from the ravages of  socialism  and massive debt and taxation. Sure he was bombastic, but that’s what is needed today when going against someone like Hillary. The rest of the republicans are too thin skinned and want desperately for people to like them and get along. That’s not what wins elections these days. You need someone strong and in your face and who has that special magnetism that Trump has.

Trump is fully funding his presidential run, leaving no room for persuasion from lobbyists and corporate interests  that the other candidates have to do and are obligated to.  Trump said of career politicians, “They will never make America great again,” adding that “they’re controlled fully by the lobbyists, by the donors, and by the special interests, fully.” So true.

This unusual advantage in the race will allow him to maintain razor focus on his campaign, unlike other hopefuls who spend half their time raising money (and looking out for private interests of their donors).

The other candidates are so jealous and so enraged at his tremendous climb and popularity that they are conspiring against him. » Rivals pile on Trump’s McCain Comments » News — GOPUSA

The democrats are afraid of him because he represents a threat to them and their progressive agenda similer to the republican candidates most of whom are RINO’s. The same goes for the liberal mainstream media.

Enter John McCain. McCain was so furious that Trump held a rally that drew thousands in his state of Arizona that were for securing the border where he supports amnesty that he said , “Trump was bringing out the crazies.” Just because they support sealing our borders they’re “crazies?”

Trump retaliated by saying McCain was not a hero in Vietnam because he was captured. Well that was all the media needed to hear. They immediately jumped on Trump saying how dare he say that about McCain who was shot down and held as a POW and tortured for five years. The very people that attacked McCain during his presidential run were now sticking up for him. This is the same media that supported Clinton who said he “loathed the military” and supported Obama who never served and hates the military. Now they dare question Trump on why he didn’t  serve when he had legitimate deferments?

At first I too thought Trump was a little harsh in what he said and winced a bit at his comment, but the more I hear him on this issue I agree with him. McCain started this by calling people who support controlling our borders “crazies.”I’ve read McCain talked to his captors which is why he was treated better than the other prisoners. He’s been a disaster as a senator and should have retired after he ran for president. Trump tells it like it is and doesn’t hold back which is why he is so popular. Here is trump’s statement on his support for veteran’s affairs

“My record of veteran support is well-documented. I served as co-chairman of the New York Vietnam Veterans Memorial Commission and was responsible, with a small group, for getting it built. Toward this end, I contributed over $1 million so our warriors can be honored in New York City with a proper memorial. I also helped finance and served as the grand marshal of the 1995 Nation’s Day Parade, which honored over 25,000 veterans.  It was one of the biggest parades in the history of New York City, and I was very proud to have made it possible.

I will continue to fight to secure our border and take care of our veterans because these steps are vital to make America great again!” Trump: I don’t need to be lectured

There is a special report out and a video by several ex pow’s who were with McCain at the time. In that report they claim McCain, of his five and a half years as a Prisoner of War in North Vietnam is about as far from the truth as one could possibly imagine. They allege that McCain, from the very first moments of his capture behaved as a COLLABORATOR and propaganda tool for his North Vietnamese captors.

In this report and video McCain is described as engaging in no less than 30, and up to 38 anti-American propaganda broadcasts for Radio Hanoi during the period of his captivity. Far from the image of the dedicated American “hero” sweating it out in a North Vietnamese prisoner’s “hotbox” for five and half years, McCain was observed by fellow prisoners to be receiving special treatment by his captors, who were fully aware of his father’s and grandfather’s 4-star Admiral positions with the US Navy. McCain claims he refused special treatment when they offered it to him.

Not a single contemporary captive interviewed here ever witnessed McCain’s alleged “torture” at the hands of his jailers. The consensus opinion of the other POWs in McCain’s camps was that McCain was actually NEVER tortured by the North Vietnamese. McCain claims he can’t lift his arm above his head to comb his hair because of  broken arms from being tortured.

We need a leader with a different attitude, a new voice, an independent thinker and I think TRUMP could be it!

No more career politicians and sons of ex-presidents, congressmen and senators. We need a leader who’s not afraid to publicly state his beliefs and act upon them and doesn’t lie at every turn while saying one thing while meaning another like Obama does.

All the other 15 or so GOP candidates either don’t bring anything new, have excessive religious agendas and will end up owing too much to the people who put them there.

The middle class is shrinking in Obama-America because Obama is taxing them to oblivion and taking away their healthcare.

TRUMP can pretty much finance his own campaign and truly be independent. He’s the ONLY one who has a proven track of being extremely successful, there is not a major city that does not have some type of huge building carrying his name!

Hillary and Sanders are just sitting by and watching the Republican’s destroy one another.
Ted Cruz is the only one who isn’t being trapped by the media request to destroy Trump. McCain calls traditional American’s CRAZY; the media and Republican leadership applaud him.

I just wish the rest of the congress and senators would grow a pair like Trump has. They’re all a bunch of feckless wimps!!!

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