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The Border Crisis

Motivation: While waiting for Border Patrol to show up in Brooks County, Texas, filmmaker Chris Burgard asked this Mexican teen if President Obama's immigration policy made him expect to find work in the U.S. -- and he agreed


“ If you’re thinking about illegal immigration / be careful when choosing a nation / because in some countries breaking the law is frowned upon / Imagine that!!! / Sneak into China they call you a spy / ship you to Mongolia until you die / And in the Sudan they’ll hang you and the camel you rode in on / And don’t go hiking in Inner Iran or you might never be heard from again / and in Mexico you might face a firing squad.______Ray Stevens: “Come to the U.S.A.”

 Actually in all due respects to Ray’s great and true song,(see link below) in Mexico if you get caught sneaking over the border the first time they deport you and the second time it’s five years in their prison though I wouldn’t be opposed to a firing squad. We should adopt laws like that here and other countries and we’d be better off, but libs and haters of America like Obama open up our borders to where they are destroying our nation in the name of compassion. I’ve always said “Is anyone left in these other countries or is everyone here now?”

 With all these illegals coming into our country they are bringing in all sorts of diseases that have been long ago annihilated such as tuberculosis which is popping up again, chicken pox, lice, leprosy cholera, HINI and others. Now we have the threat of Ebola even though the TV talking heads are playing it down, it is  here now with this doctor from Africa being treated here in Atlanta.

 They are not just coming from Mexico and Central America, but also places like Pakistan and Yemen. Prayer rugs and Korans  have been found at the border. These mid-eastern Islamists are being recruited by terror cells here and the violent gangs like MS-13 are recruiting at these detention centers. Meanwhile the House passed an immigration Bill I agree with, but Obama says he will veto. “Our plan reallocates $694 million to secure the border, provide emergency care, and prevent future arrivals,” House Republican Conference Chair Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) said after the vote. “This will ensure that children are reunited with families in their home countries. Our solution addresses the problem humanely, effectively, and expeditiously. The crisis at the border demands our attention. It demands our action. And it demands our immediate and unwavering leadership.”

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The legislation is unlikely to go much farther, however. The Senate left for August recess this week after failing to pass a supplemental border bill and President Obama slammed House Republicans Friday for “trying to pass the most extreme and unworkable versions of a bill that they already know is going nowhere, that can’t pass the Senate and that if it were to pass the Senate I would veto.  They know it.”

The Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) threw the ball back in Obama’s court after the bill’s passage, however, saying “while the House acted today to provide targeted and narrow funding to meet urgent needs at our southern border, it is ultimately up to President Obama to end this crisis by reversing his policies that created it.” 

House Speaker John Boehner also released this statement in response to the bill’s passage: 

“The House has just passed a responsible bill to address the humanitarian crisis at our southern border. It will help secure our border and ensure the safe and swift return of these children to their home countries. If President Obama needs these resources, he will urge Senate Democrats to put politics aside, come back to work, and approve our bill. There are also steps the president can take to address this crisis within the law, and without further legislative action. Every day the president and his party fail to act is another day this crisis continues.”

A day after GOP leaders pulled the border bill from the floor in a chaotic retreat, tea party lawmakers were enthusiastically on board with the new $694 million version and a companion measure that would shut off a program created by Obama granting work permits to immigrants brought here illegally as kids. The second bill also seemed designed to prevent the more than 700,000 people who’ve already gotten work permits under the program from renewing them, ultimately making them subject to deportation.

Indeed. We don’t need additional spending, we don’t need additional legislation. All we need is for the administration to respect our laws and fulfill its duties. The Federal Government is obliged to secure the country’s borders and defend the country from invasion–Article 4, Section 4 of the US Constitution,but since when does Obama obey the constitution? I agree with  the following comment: 

So who died and left the U.S. responsible for the world at large? Why not return those who unlawfully crossed our neighbor, Mexico, and unlawfully entered the U.S., but to be clear, return them all to Mexico for prosecution by the Mexico government. Where the heck do you people think the U.S. gets the money to do all this from? A real hint is Obama’s declaration he will get the money from other areas… that would be our tax money meant for OUR citizens he will re-channel. A majority of the “children” are near adulthood. We have given up education money, medical money, housing money, food/sustenance money,and placement money for our own citizens to help people who will (not may) help their own homeland to prosper over ours. Wake up people. The ONLY source our government has for money (other than borrowing it from communists) is the taxes being paid by the fewer and fewer Americans that still have jobs. Whatcha going to do when we are all on welfare?


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