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Recently Michelle O. Posted a picture of herself with a sad face on Instagram holding a sign that read “Bring Our Girls back”. First of all they aren’t OUR girls, they’re Nigeria’s girls. Secondly she compared the Nigerian girls to her own girls just like Obama said if he had a son he would look like Treyvon.  So Ann Coulter printed up a sign wither with  a sad face that says “Bring our country back. Well the liberal left wing Huffington Post and MSNBC who never say anything positive about any republican or conservative had a field day attacking her with a headline that said “Ann Coulter’s hashtag blows up in her face.” Well that started a firestorm of verbal attacks between pro and anti Ann Coulter forces. I happen to agree with her and the comment below:

Myke 3 minutes ago

Ann has the guts to call a spade a spade. This administration has trashed our reputation around the world, our economy, and now our health care system, not to mention having inept, corrupt government agencies like the NSA and the IRS. Are we better off than we were 6 years ago? If you’re honest, the answer is a VERY LOUD, HELL NO WE AREN’T. Vote straight Republican, you’re better off in the long run for sure!!!!!!!

This is the most corrupt administration we’ve ever had. It’s tearing our country apart with the greatest division ever. We are viewed as weak in the world, China and other countries’ economies are ahead of ours. Our military is down to pre WW11 levels while other countries are building up. Our lives are being controlled by Obamcare with all our medical records going in one government central computer, cameras on every street corner spying on us, gays and now transgenders in the military, all our rights being trampled on in the name of the greater good and  the gov’t knows what’s best for us,1 in 3 people are unemployed,50 million people on food stamps and a 17 trillion dollar debt and counting. Yes I agree with Ann. BRING OUR COUNTRY BACK!!!! Charity begins at home. We have young people kidnapped and missing here every day, Syria has young girls being kidnapped, Iran does too. I wonder if the girls were from Great Britain kidnapped by a terror group there or if they were IsreaIi girls would Michelle feel the same? How come she and her husband didn’t show the same attitude when our ambassador and three others were killed in Benghazi or how about asking for that young boy kidnapped and held in a prison in Mexico because he accidentally drove over the border? If they were the same color as the Nigerian girls would things be different? Meanwhile as usual, Obama fell back on his four point style of governance: deny everything, admit nothing, blame others, and make counter accusations. Yes I agree with Ann, BRING OUR COUNTRY BACK!!!! Article – Ann Coulter’s hashtag campaign backfires



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