Making It Up As He Goes Along!!!


On Dec. 19, the Obama administration made its 14th change to Obamacare without requesting congressional action to make the amendments. Such a move is precisely why an effort is underway in the House of Representatives to sue President Obama and force him to abide by constitutional restraints.

The measure is known as the Stop This Overreaching Presidency, or STOP, Act and is sponsored by freshman Rep. Tom Rice, R-S.C. He told WND this is about abiding by the Constitution.

“Article II, Section 3, requires the president to faithfully execute the laws of the United States. Everybody’s bound by the law, including the president. He is not exempt,” Rice said. “If a president is allowed to pick and choose which laws he wishes to enforce, it creates tremendous opportunities for wrongdoing.

Obama keeps changing his Obamcare law to suit his needs and it’s now starting to be felt by the people. He suddenly changed the date for enrollment to extend another day and now he’s extending the employee mandate another six months which he has done twice before.

He is making the rules up as he goes along and you can’t do that to law without consulting congress first which passed the law.  No president can single handedly change the rules of a law on a whim, but that’s exactly what Obama is doing. This law was forced on the American people and no republican voted for it. More and more people are finding themselves losing their insurance and being forced into the Obamcare system which is what was intended all along. They are finding once they enroll in there their doctor is not in the plan and if he is their specialists not in the plan. There also will be long waits to see a doctor under this plan.  So much for keeping your doctor or keeping your plan like he said. Currently the dept. of behavioral health which is funded by the government was notified they will no longer receive federal funding and closing down and psychiatrist and therapists can lose their jobs. This will also affect people who are mentally ill. People need mental health coverage. That‘s a mistake!!

According to most experts, Obamacare will create a total of twenty new taxes or tax hikes on the American people. In fact, the Obama administration has already given the IRS an extra $500 million to enforce the rules and regulations of Obamacare.

The new taxes don’t bode well for millions of middle-class Americans. Incomes for the rich have soared this decade but middle class workers have seen their wages stagnate and even drop since the 2008 Great Recession.

Many fear Obamacare with its high insurance costs and new taxes, could provide the middle class a fatal blow.

The 20 new Obamacare taxes are making Americans eyes pop out in disbelief. Take a look. Of course, the Obamacare plan was primarily designed to decrease the number of uninsured Americans and reduce healthcare costs. Many experts are saying it will have the exact opposite effect.

That’s just one of the reasons why Republicans hope to defund Obamacare before January.

They claim that the taxes and costs needed to pay for Obamacare will crush the middle class and most U.S. taxpayers, as well as trigger job losses in affected industries. Tax experts say you should try to estimate how much you will have to pay when the law goes into full effect – and take precautions to limit the damage to your bottom line.

Most people are signing up for the Gold Plan which is the cheapest plan, but finding out they have to pay a $4800 out of pocket deductible before any insurance sets in. To get a lower deductible they have to pay more for a Silver or Platinum Plan which is just like the plans they had. This is just like a Ponzi scheme that Bernie Madoff did.  Obama himself signed onto the plan today choosing the Gold plan which is the cheapest. What a joke!!!! He has his own government plan and said this was just symbolic. I hope his info is hacked into and spread around to everyone since there is no security in Obamcare and it is a hacker’s paradise just like what happened with Target only your medical history will become available to complete strangers who can use it against you. Meanwhile at least 35 House members are set to sue Obama over the illegalities of Obamacare and a CNN, and Gallup polls show support for Obamacare plunging to record lows.  See links below. Also check the sleazy ads Obamacare is promoting to get young people and gays to join.


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