Who’s Really On the Run: Al Queda or America?

When George Bush was president, the left accused him of making terrorism up to look strong. I think Obama is doing the same thing with closing all these embassies. He is truly a wimp and an embarrassment with closing them instead of supplying stronger security like what was requested, but denied in Benghazi. Obama used to say Al Queda was on the run after Bin Laden was killed, but now it’s we who are on the run. Bush would never have done this. Other countries like Russia and China are seeing this and thumbing their noses at us and perceive us to be weak. They (The Obama administration) say chatter was greater than 9/11, but won’t say what the chatter said. Now as a precaution against what happened in Benghazi they are closing all the embassies in the Middle East and bringing people home. If nothing happens they can say we avoided another Benghazi, even though as we know Benghazi was a “phony scandal.” Obama is a phony president.Obama also thinks there are 57 states and Hawaii is in Asia. I don’t see how anyone can think that that is OK. He is less than informed on the economy and his muslim sympathies are real.

With our inaction in Benghazi, terrorists now know they can have their way with us. An American president has to be feared and respected. Obama and Hillary are neither. They both failed miserably and are making the Middle East more dangerous than ever. America needs a strong president with a backbone and track record of success now more than ever. No more empty suit rock stars as president. One of the key jobs of the POTUS is to protect it’s citizens at home and abroad. I find it very disconcerting that we have a POTUS who tells us daily how he will solve absolutely everything we need in regards to: healthcare, job growth, green energy, global warming, education, national indebtedness, solving racial issues, and “phony scandals”. But nary a firm committed plan of action on how he will handle atrocities at home or abroad. It’s always “We’ll discuss it and make a decision AFTER we have all of the facts in”.

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Jim Clayton

I am a retired former newspaper reporter and retail sales person. I'm a politically conservative easy going person from New Jersey. I am married to a wonderful wife and like talking and writing about movies,, concerts I attend and current events all which I write about here. I would enjoy hearing from anyone on my articles and they can write to me here.

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