Vitriolic Bloomberg reportedly attacks taxi magnate

Vitriolic Bloomberg reportedly attacks taxi magnate

New York City has a storied history of resilience and prosperity in the face of any variety of attack. The great city’s current mayor, though, continues to do his level best to destroy it from high atop his socialist perch.
Undeterred by the resounding defeat of his ban on sugary drinks, Michael Bloomberg set his sights on the metropolitan taxi cab industry.
His “Taxi of Tomorrow” proposal was similarly rejected when the State Supreme Court ruled it violated existing city ordinances.
If his revamp of the city’s transit system had been approved, all the city’s taxi cabs would have been replaced with Nissan vans sporting transparent roofs and less annoying – and likely less effective – horns.
Though his overreach was misguided, we have come to expect no less from Bloomberg. The real outrage came from a report by Gene Friedman, who as of 2010 owned more than 5 percent of the city’s taxis, or around 700 altogether.
Recounting a recent meeting with the mayor, Friedman alleged Bloomberg offered a candid and profane admission of his true intent.
“He turns to me and said, ‘Come January 1st, when I am out of office, I am going to destroy your [expletive deleted] industry,'” Friedman recalled. Reports indicate at least one other bystander share a similar account of the conversation.
Many on the right recognized his goal is to destroy elements of our society he feels should be rebuilt by big government. In that regard, he is not unlike any number of his far left cohorts.
It is unusual, however, to see a big government elitist tell the truth about their intentions.
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