Public school surreptitiously scanned students’ irises

Public school surreptitiously scanned students’ irises

The government-operated school system in America has increasingly resembled a police state as stories of authoritarian overreaches and unjust punishments seem to have no end.
A further cause for concern is the collective loss of individual liberty by students in these compulsory indoctrination camps. One recent story perfectly illustrates the frightening lengths to which administrators are already willing to go.
Young students in Polk County, Fla., public schools reportedly had their irises scanned without their parents being notified.
Ostensibly instituted as a method of tracking students as they board and depart their buses, an accompanying system would alert parents when their children arrive at school.
Unbelievably, though, school leaders failed to deliver this piece of information to the parents themselves.
Calling it a “mistake on our part,” district spokesperson Rob Davis explained the secretary responsible for delivering the news suffered a “medical emergency” before completing the task.
Despite his excuse and promise that all collected information was destroyed, many parents remain understandably peeved.
One mother posted a social media critique accusing the school of “the invasion of my family’s Constitutional right to privacy,” saying it has “stolen information, and we cannot retrieve it.”
Another mother, Connie Turlington, said she wants to see proof that backs up Davis’ claim.
“My question is, how is it deleted and how can we be assured as parents that it’s gone?” she stated. “I’m waiting on an answer to see how this is going to pan out as far as my child’s personal information floating out there somewhere.”
Children are already treated as wards of the state upon walking onto many of today’s public school campuses. The enormous step taken by this school district just serves to remind us all how little we really know about what is going on in these enclaves of leftist thought.
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