Maximum Occupancy

The trial of Kermit Gosnell brings into focus the motivating premise of Barack Obama.  No, I am not speaking of Barack Obama having a desire to kill the unborn.

I am speaking of Barack Obama’s desire to kill off people in general because of his narrow view of the world, and his shallow place in it.

Barack Obama views himself as an intellectual elite.  He thinks that because he has degrees he is therefore wise.  That is not the case, and people should stop suggesting.  Barack Obama is touted as being a good public speaker.  He is not.  He is a popular comedian.  Let me explain, and then get back to the main issue.

Barack bounced around from school to school his entire life.  he was not seeking a better education, but rather an easier education.  Because of his upbringing, which he could control for the most part, Barack learned to seek the easy route.  His desire was not intellect and experience.  It was rather “getting by”.  That is what he fears people would discover if his educational records were released.  He is on the “little below average side” of the intellect scale.

A person that is below average in school, such a Barack Obama, always lean to the weaker skills.  Rather than using reason they use their abundance of words.  If any Barack Obama is abundant in expressing his value to society, when in fact he offers shamefully little toward moving society forward.  A gifted public speaker motivates people to expand their intellect and capacity.  They blend style and content to get people to expand their own horizons.  On the other hand comedians do just the opposite.  They address the absurdities of society and encourage listeners to dwell on those absurdities.

Barack Obama is excellent at pointing out absurdities.  The more his intellect is challenge the more forceful he becomes at pointing out absurdities.  I use as an example his derisive comment to Mitt Romney during one of the later presidential debates.  He offered up a smart-aleck comment about the weapons the navy uses.  Why?  Because he simply didn’t have the intellectual prowess to manage the fact, but only the appearance.

Virtually everything about him reeks of shallowness, based not on a capability to reason, but upon intellectual debris tossed aside by truly learned men.

Now, let’s get to the heart of this article.

During Barack Obama’s buffet of educational options he grasp onto the low-hanging fruit of population control.

Numerous studies have been done that suggest that mankind has dramatically exceeded its maximum occupancy level for the planet earth. (https://www.worldpopulationbalance.org/3_times_sustainable).

As a result of Barack’s reading one or two of these articles he jumped to the confusion that the world needed his shallow intellect to solve the problem.  With a mind of limited capacity to learn or willingness to learn Barack Obama went in chase of a supportable theory of human annihilation.

Having the limited skill of understanding comedy Barack recognized he could not openly advocate human destruction.  he needed to find an alternate joke to tell the American people.  Thus, he came to his premise that eliminate life he saw as disgusting was best portrayed in the comedy of secondary rights.

Secondary rights are those rights which people claim an entitlement to so that they can overrun the rest of society’s primary rights.  Specific to this article is the fallacious secondary right that a woman has the right of choice because it is her body.  Pro-abortion rights are in fact secondary rights.  Secondary rights are an effort to equate irresponsibility with civil rights.  In short they say “My right to make poor decisions supersede your primary right to life”.

Hence, Barack Obama and his comedic followers embrace the slaughter of humanity as a right.  They are wrong!

The “Obamanation” idea that mankind has become saturated and must be culled is not a popular argument…yet.  Hence, his argument became one about rights, when it really is about class destruction.

Here is what Barack Obama is doing with his hidden agenda of culling the herd of humanity;

  1. Support abortion
  2. Support genocide of the elderly weak.
  3. Eradicate religions that encourage population growth…without a strict law entitling slaughter of non-adherents.
  4. Encourage policies that focus attention away from the preservation of humanity and toward preservation of the eco-system.
  5. Embrace weak science and alarmism, as an alternative to intellect.  and, lastly and more damning
  6. Disregard the value of life in the face of political expedience (Benghazi; need I say more).

The current president of the United States of America does and will advocate for the culling of the human element.  In all of his comedy and policy advocacy it is more than apparent to those willing to be educated as well as entertained.

We often repeat the story of Nero fiddling while Rome burned.  Those leaders with a nihilist view of humanity are quite comfortable fiddling (and playing golf).  However, they, in the end, actually contribute nothing to mankind.  Why do they contribute nothing?  Because solidly, they do not believe mankind is worth anything.

Barack Obama tripped over the idea that the world had reached maximum occupancy.  He then concluded, at the inhalant end of marijuana joint, annihilation of the human race was inevitable.  From there straight forward selfishness was not a major leap at all.

Mankind deserves much better.  Mankind has the capability to adapt and preserve itself.  The most prudent step we can take is to recognize that on various occasions we are over-populated with people like Barack Obama.



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