The left continues to push for government childcare

The left continues to push for government childcare

Leaving aside the glaring problem of fiscal sustainability, the prospect of government-run childcare should send shivers down the spine of any traditional parent.
Admittedly, this is not a new idea on the left. To be sure, virtually the entire progressive platform in modern America consists of rehashed policies embraced by ideological forebears.
When describing the leftist pipe dream in a recent appearance in Ohio, former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi explained her view that childcare should fall squarely under the control of the federal government.
Among the radical left, there is virtually no aspect of human life that does not warrant government intervention. When Washington gets involved, as we have witnessed countless times before, circumstances deteriorate rapidly.
Alas, providing solutions is not the intended result of increased government intrusion. Instead, such action is viewed as yet another opportunity to encourage dependence and compliance.
It is painfully evident throughout America’s corrupt public school system that government-controlled education results in students without a firm grasp of basic skills and with a mindful of leftist propaganda.
Following the Communist playbook, Pelosi simply disregards facts and explains why children should be turned over to government surrogates at the earliest age possible.
Praising Barack Obama’s budgetary inclusion of “preschool for all,” Pelosi said he “comes close” to the overarching federal childcare system she envisions.
Going back five decades, she portrayed conservatives and Richard Nixon as villains in the utopian quest to provide everything to everyone.
After a bill proposing government childcare landed on Nixon’s desk, Pelosi said “the conservative movement … came in and said that would undermine families or something,” which led to a presidential veto.
Calling the initiative “long overdue,” she supports yet another unfunded liability because “we have a situation of children learning, parents earning.”
With 90 million Americans currently unemployed and a woefully undereducated generation of students, Pelosi’s talking points are particularly unconvincing.
Nevertheless, she is sure to get plenty of support among her fellow big government lefties who view any and all wasteful government spending as sacred. Indeed, Pelosi falsely identified Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and ObamaCare as “pillar[s] of economic stability,” arguing childcare should be added to the list.
One could critique the federal government ad infinitum, though certain issues are far more egregious than other. Among the most reprehensible policies in recent years are the irresponsible mismanagement of revenue and shameful indoctrination of our youth through government-run schools.
Pelosi and her cohorts on the fringe left want to double down on both of those tactics by conditioning the populace to think of childcare as yet another entitlement.
The heartbreaking tragedy of it all is our Constitution promises only three rights – life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The left has to constantly trash and attack these beautiful ideas, though, to build up the false impression the government exists to babysit and spoon feed its citizenry.
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