Dance Like No One Is Watching

This has been a very heavy week for us. On Monday, the Boston Marathon was hit with two bombs, and last night, a small, central Texas town was partially leveled by an explosion at a chemical plant factory. This video is not to take away from those lives who have been lost or harmed in these two horrible events, but is, instead, an anthem to what life should be.

Daily Mail Online featured a story today, which they titled: “‘Dancing queen’ caught on camera bopping at a bus stop while listening to music on her headphones becomes internet hit”. A quote from the article states:

Nigel Cox said: ‘I hope she realises just how fantastic she is. A really positive advertisement of how life should be enjoyed, each and every day.’

Dance like no one is watching! You never know when your last day on earth will be! Enjoy every day to its fullest! Love completely! Live life with joy!

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