Obama the Sequester Jester

When Obama became president he took an oath to preserve and protect the people and constitution of the United States. Since becoming president he has failed to do that. First ignoring anything constitutional that gets in his way, going after the second amendment gun rights using the Newtown tragedy as an excuse and going after freedom of speech as guaranteed in the first amendment with his cohorts telling the media and others not to say anything bad about the president. They threatened Bob Woodward and Lanni Davis when they spoke out and even Dr. Ben Carter when he spoke at the National Prayer Day breakfast at the WH was told not to anything criticizing the president.

During the Benghazi incident he was nowhere to be found and still hasn’t stated his whereabouts and for two weeks blamed it on this little known film attacking Mohammed and had the film maker throw in jail. In the end he admitted it was a planned attack and he knew about it.

Now with the sequester he is doing the most unthinkable and impeachable offense of all and that is scarring the pants off the general population he was sworn to protect. The cutbacks that aren’t really cutbacks but slowdowns in the rate of growth was his idea in the first place stemming from all the debt and spending he incurred, but he typically avoided responsibility and blamed it on republicans. Then came the scare tactics; TSA people would be let go causing three hour waits at airports, food inspectors would be let go and the food in stores would go bad, teachers would be laid off and kids would suffer, first responders would be let go and emergencies would suffer and on and on. He had prisons let out 5000 criminal illegals and blamed it on budget cuts even before the so called cuts went into effect. Now we are faced with personal injury, murders, rapes and robberies from these released criminals. If anyone is hurt, raped, robbed or murdered from any of those released it will be on Obama’s head.

Now after the cuts were passed none of this happened so Obama admitted the cuts came from him first but like a little kid throwing a tantrum he orders the white house tours closed down and blames it on budget cuts.As the Washington Post’s Bob Woodward reported in his book, “The Price of Politics” as well as in a recent column, the sequester was designed by President Obama’s White House staff. It was “the brainchild of Jack Lew and White House congressional relations chief Rob Nabors…” Obama approved. They believed Republicans would never let it actually happen because of the cuts to the military. His failed evaluation of the Republican Party is exceeded only by his failed evaluations of Russia, Egypt, Libya, and Iran.

In the meantime Sec. of State John Kerry just promised $250 million dollars to the muslim brotherhood in Egypt and 1.2 billion over the year and they are worried about people suffering from a measly 85 billion dollars out of three trillion when every dept gets more than last year only just not as much?

As an article in GOPUSA points out: So… do you think they are cutting back? As the news story points out, “A House report last week claimed the federal government spent at least $340 million on conferences in 2012.” You read that correctly. Our tax dollars pay for $340 million in events so that federal employees can hang out, schmooze, eat, drink, and be merry. Oh, and they might hear from a speaker or two.

This example is obviously just the tip of the iceberg, but the point is that the iceberg of wasteful spending is HUGE, and it is heading right for the Titanic known as the United States of America.


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Jim Clayton

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