New Cat Discovered

Today the Masai Mara National Reserve announced that an American couple (names withheld to provide anonymity-initials NP and HR) on Safari discovered a new breed of jungle cat. It is a cross between the more common leopard and the lion. It new cat appears to have traits similar to both breeds. It congregates in a “pride” like the lion, but much smaller groups of only 7-8 (the lion prides can exceed 30 members). Yet, like the leopard it hunts in a solitary fashion. The new cat is genetically unable to bear fur or hair, similar to Sphynx breed (scientifically bread for cat lovers allergic to pet hair). The most unique feature of this new cat is that it has traits like a Chameleon, with skin tone changing to blend with its environment. Due to the lack of fur to maintain a stable body temperature the cat seldom ventures from its habitat in the dense vegetation. It is speculated that more open environs would dehydrate the cat and cause substantial burning if subject to the sunlight. Like the Rhinoceros that remains predominantly in water while in the open the new cat says close to areas of sand when in the open. If the heat becomes to intense the new breed buries itself in the sandy for shelter and cooling. As of latest reports, due to the unique traits of this beast, it appears it will officially be named the “Buffoon”. Because the cat was discovered by the two prominent Americans the Masai Mara National Reserve Public Relations office is requesting a special occasion to donate two more of these Buffoons to the White House. I’ll keep you updated as more news comes in.

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