Hey Obama, We Aren’t Stupid

Once again, our President thinks that the American people are stupid, he thinks by telling us that a 2.4 percent cut in our spending, is going to cause America to collapse, will make him look good and the Republicans look bad. Well maybe 51% of America is stupid, because they voted for you, but the rest of the country knows exactly what you are trying to do and that is to make Republicans look as bad as possible so you can win both houses in 2014. Then you can be exactly what you really want to be, a dictator, so you can saddle the American people with your radical left wing agenda.

If we can’t even cut federal spending by 2.4 percent without throwing the country into chaos, then what hope does America have? All of this whining and crying about the sequester is absolutely disgraceful. The truth is now that the sequester is in effect, the U.S. government will still take in more money than ever before in 2013 and it will still spend more money than ever before in 2013. So it is a bit disingenuous to call what just happen “a spending cut”, but for the sake of argument let’s concede that point. Even if the budget really was being “cut” by 85 billion dollars, that would only amount to a “cut” of 2.4 percent to federal spending. It would barely make a dent in the federal budget deficit for 2013. The U.S. government would still accumulate about as much new debt in fiscal year 2013 as it did in all the years from the inauguration of George Washington to the inauguration of Ronald Reagan combined. Our debt to GDP ratio will continue to soar. The sequester cuts would essentially only be a minor bump in the road to financial oblivion. However, if you listen to Barack Obama and other Democrats, they would have you believe that we are facing a great national crisis because of these cuts. They would have you believe that hundreds of thousands of people will lose their jobs and that many government agencies will no longer be able to operate effectively. They would have you believe that “granny won’t get her lunch” and “roofs blown off by Hurricane Sandy won’t get repaired”. Well, if all of that is true, then what in the world would our country look like if we actually cut a trillion dollars from the federal budget this year and started living within our means?

Have you ever known people that are already hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt, yet go out, and regularly blow thousands more dollars on wild shopping sprees? Such debt addicts may be very proud of their new homes, their new cars, their new clothes and all of their fancy electronic gadgets, but it was all purchased with debt. When a “day of reckoning” finally arrives, many debt addicts lose absolutely everything and end up in the street, America is no different.

Our politicians like to show off all of the stuff that our government is spending money on, but the truth is that we are spending a tremendous amount of money that we simply do not have. We are literally stealing from our kids and our grandkids without a thought about their future.

But it seems many Americans cannot stop themselves, and they are absolutely addicted to big government. They want a gigantic government that sends out free money to more than 100 million Americans every month, but they absolutely do not care who pays for it. They would rather steal money from their children and their grandchildren to pay for it.

This has to stop, because we are literally destroying the future of this country and the only way to stop it is to make sure the Republicans have both houses, than we can stop this President, whose real vision is to become a Dictator.


This is one man’s opinion.


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