Commission investigating transgender MMA fighter

So far in “her” career as a mixed martial arts fighter, Fallon Fox has a 5-0 record and each of the fights ended in the first round.
After a recent bout, during which Fox knocked out a female challenger in less than 40 seconds, the Florida State Boxing Commission took an interest in the fighter.
According to a spokesperson, the commission responsible for issuing Fox a license to compete among female fighters, is “investigating allegations pertaining to the information provided on the application.”
Sports Illustrated revealed the fact Fox, who was born male, had gender reassignment surgery in 2006 and has received added hormones to aid in the transgender lifestyle choice.
Fox reportedly told FSBC officials she was a licensed female fighter in California, though that state’s commission indicated her file was still under review. The fighter responded by claiming she thought the documentation she received was a license approval.
While I recognize added estrogen and other hormones will result in less body mass than a normal man, there is no changing the essential makeup of one’s gender identity.
The transgender community has received increased attention lately, as schools and other public places are allowing those who identify with the opposite sex to enter locker rooms and restrooms matching their preference.
In an effort to create a false fairness, leftists supporting such policies fail to acknowledge how unfair it is to force the vast majority of individuals to be in close, private quarters with an exposed member of the other sex.
No matter the amount of reconstructive surgery, Fox’s DNA still identifies her as a man and the fact none of her competitors have made it to the second round against her further proves the preposterousness of a man physically beating multiple women for sport.
These women did not have forewarning they were walking into such an unfair fight and, while I applaud the commission for actually looking into this outrageous situation, the entire ordeal could have been prevented.
Though the FSBC explained Fox was given a pregnancy test, which I assume came back negative, she was not tested for drugs.
One would think that in a sport involving frequent and prescribed bodily injury commissioners would want to make sure competitors are at least of a similar gender.
Though such information is relatively easy to obtain, Fox has apparently been able to fly under the radar and might have done so indefinitely if not for some diligent reporting and her apparent inclination to fight like a man.
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