I Thought Race Is Not Supposed To Matter?

I always hear over and over, that race, color and gender are not supposed to matter in anything, so why is constantly coming up in the conversation? During the past election, how many times did we hear that the Republican Party was full of old white men? It seems to me the Democrats were bringing the subject up every other day. Chris Matthews was talking about it every time he was doing his T.V. show, day after day, hour after hour. If race, color and gender are not supposed to matter, why should it be a topic of conversation at all?

Let us face the facts, those things do matter, but only to the people who want to create havoc, hatred and divisiveness and to paint the other side as some kind of demons. Let me ask you this, if the people of their district elect the Representatives in Washington and they are doing their job, what difference should it make what their race, color, or gender are? If a group is all white, or all black, or all male or all female in reality it should not matter at all. However, Liberals need something, something that they can latch on to, and something they can demonize the right with and take the heat off themselves.

But now we have an unusual situation here, Obama is putting together a cabinet with all white men. Where is the outcry now from all those Liberals with big mouths, I guess it does not matter if all white men are hired as long as a black President is doing the hiring. Where is Chris Matthews big mouth now, after he ran his mouth non-stop during the election about the racist Republicans? Funny how the Lame Stream Media turns a blind eye to their God Obama when he does something that the Republicans would have been persecuted for. Seems to me, that all those Liberal idiots who could not shut their mouths during the election, somehow have lost their tongues and cannot utter a word. The same people, who saw a racist behind every tree, have suddenly been stricken blind.

Only one, the Senator from New York, Charlie Rangel has come forward with a complaint.  “It’s embarrassing as hell,” said the veteran New York Democrat. “We’ve been through all this with Mitt Romney and we were very hard on Mitt Romney with his women binder.”  He went on to say, “I kind of think there’s no excuse when it’s the second term.”

Ann Coulter said something awhile back that is 100% accurate, she said, “There are only two groups of people that are obsessed with race in this country, Skinheads and Liberals.” Look back, the only people that ever bring up race, color or gender are Liberals and that’s only because they have nothing of substance to run on, that is always their secret weapon, when all else fails, play the race card.

I keep hearing that race, color and gender are not supposed to matter in this country anymore, but I think someone forgot to inform the Liberals about that.  It will always be a concern as long as we have Liberals, the only way to shut them up is to vote them out of office, but that will never happen because the districts that elect them, are infested with Liberals. Just think, if we got rid of all the Liberals in this country, we would probably get rid of most of the racists in this country.


This is one man’s opinion.




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