Obama Reelection Triggers Massive Layoffs

Are Layoffs Vindictive or Caused by Policy?

Wednesday after the election a number of companies announced they would be laying off employees. Some businesses said they would close completely. Others are cutting back staff from full time to part time work.

Through the week the numbers have grown. Big businesses. Mom and Pop small stores. And everything in between. All have been impacted. But it’s not just one cause; by reelecting President Obama the Affordable Care Act will continue to influence business growth, a gridlock remains in congress and the very possible Department of Defense cuts hurt not only the direct military employment but also the Defense contractors, and Obama’s War on Coal will now be doubled down.

None of this was a surprise. Those paying even a slight amount of  attention could see these cuts were imminent. If Obama was reelected there would be a layoff tsunami of giant proportions.

Still, rather than accept this as unavoidable change necessary for the programs they voted liberals are now blaming vindictive Republicans. They are tweeting out that corporations are firing workers in revenge of the election. They are shouting from their social networks that store owners who are closing are un-American and spiteful.  That small businesses are laying off employees out of retribution. That, for no other reason than they did not want Obama to win.

It is sad that these naive left wing voices are so loud. It is obvious that they have never been more than just a worker in a shop, never had to balance a budget, never had to meet a payroll.  They believe that Republican business owners want to ‘hurt Obama’ by keeping unemployment artificially high. They truly believe this is being done solely as payback for the election.  They refuse to believe that Obama’s destructive policies are at fault.

Bless their hearts. They just don’t know any better.

If you get laid off, before you go, ask the people getting laid off with you if they voted for Obama. If they say yes, say nothing.


In case you haven’t heard, these companies announced layoffs and closures since Wednesday. Is it just the beginning?

Boeing Announces Big Layoffs in Defense Division

Lockheed Martin to lay off 123,000

Exide Technologies, in operation since the 1930s, closing operations in Pennsylvania. 150 out of work.

Caterpillar closing MN plant.

Layoffs loom for Jackson County, Ohio mine.

North Carolina’s Mills Manufacturing will lay off 68 workers by the end of the year.

UtahAMerican Energy lays off 102 miners

Want more? Check out the list at Twitchy.com and Freedomworks.org

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