Gen.Patraeus Speaks and Other Random Thoughts

General Petraeus spoke before a closed door senate committee investigating Benghazi and revealed that original CIA talking points said the attack was a terror attack. Of course it was. Any knowledgeable person knew it was as terrorists always use important anniversaries for their attacks and this was the biggest one of all Sept.11. That’s why I was surprised when I heard Obama blame it on this little You tube video and said it was a spontaneous attack brought on by the anti-muslim video. The director of this video is still in jail by the way put there by Obama’s orders. Sure it was a spontaneous attack. You always bring mortars and grenade launchers to a spontaneous attack. Obama went on for two weeks saying this and even mentioned it at the U.N. speech he gave. He sent U.N. ambassador Susan Rice on five different Sunday news shows furthering this lie. Then after two weeks he finally admitted it was a terrorist attack. This administration doesn’t want to believe terrorism exists. Obama wants you to think that just because he got Osama that terrorism no longer exists. Hence calling the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan “overseas contingency operations”, the Fort Hood massacre is “workplace violence” and the underwear bomber and the guy that tried bomb New York City are “man -made disasters.” See anything but terrorism.
Now as Lindsey Graham and John McCaine start a committee to investigate Benghazi and criticized Susan Rice for telling false information on five TV shows, women in the democratic party started right in calling them sexist and said they were causing her to b e a victim. If anyone turned her into a victim it was Obama who put her up to this and gave her the information and talking points to say on those shows in the first place.

We now know that the whole attack on the embassy in Benghazi was being watched in real time in the situation room in the white house and that Obama was in the whitehouse at the time. That being known then why were the calls for help ignored? Who gave the command for the troops nearby to stand down and not go and why? Why were there no reinforcements before hand on such an important date? Military personnel I’ve heard recently said only the president can give the order to stand down. Did Obama give the order then and was he watching in real time and see our ambassador murdered? Obama has a lot to answer for and the media is protecting him by covering the sex scandal with Petraeus as a cover up for Benghazi. Rep.Michelle Bachman recently spoke out on the Benghazi scandal saying,”Ultimately, President Obama is responsible for the actions of his national security team and it is incomprehensible that we have yet to hear what the President knew, when he knew it, and the specific orders he gave his team,” Bachmann’s statement said. “Almost immediately after Osama bin Laden was killed the Obama administration starting releasing specific details… By contrast, two months after the terrorist attacks in Benghazi… we have little knowledge of what the President knew and what his actions were.” Michael Reagan, son of Ronald Reagan has even said that we need to focus more on the administration’s handling of the Benghazi attack that killed four Americans than the Petraeus sex scandal which there had been too much of in the media.
Meanwhile, Charles Woods, father of slain navy seal Tyrone woods has been pursuing the state dept for answers to these questions and recently in an interview with Sean Hannity said ”I ask them questions and I say “I know you can lose your job, but I lost my son. ” Brave words from a brave father……………Mitt Romney made a statement recently that said one of the reasons Obama won was because he promised big gifts to women, young people and minorities. He took quite a bashing from his own party because of that, but it is true. As Rush Limbaugh said recently, “You can’t beat Santa Clause.” Obama is the greatest political Santa Claus in the history of our country—surpassing the era of the New Deal and the Great Society.There are more Obama gifts to Americans than there are stars in the night sky—the litany of largess is endless. Let’s just name a few. We, the taxpayers, are now spending over $772 million on “free Obama phones.” We now have over 8.7 million people on social security disability. Total participation in the food stamp program is now at more than 40 million people—perhaps now more than ever in the history of our country………..My last commentary seemed to spark a lot of conflagration on voter fraud in this last election. More and more articles are appearing saying so. In Florida where Allen West is running for congress he asked for a recount when he was ahead and suddenly fell behind and when they did they found 2000 votes they forgot to count. Now 306 additional ballots have been found. How can anyone say this race is over (as Democrats are trying to claim) when all the ballots have not been counted? West immediately suspected fraud and mainly because he’s a black conservative I heard him say in an interview. Black conservative radio commentator Larry Elder said his father always told him that “Democrats promise you something for nothing and in return you get nothing for something.”
Large cities like Philadelphia and Cleveland had zero votes for Romney and all for Obama which is mathematically impossible and has people considering recounts. There were also complaints of irregular voting in 18 states mostly with electronic touch screen voting that can be hacked into and sent to Obama votes by the hacker.
One of my favorite commentators is E.T. Williams who goes by the name The Doctor of Democracy. He is an outspoken tell it like it is black conservative that rants from his car on current topics, sharp and to the point. Check out his latest rant below comparing Benghazi to the Watergate scandal saying Benghazi is worse. I would like to add to his rant saying he is right because in Watergate nobody was killed. Also check out his website “Whatever Happened to Common Sense.”

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