Can Republicans Win?

This election is a bitter pill. The future seemed so clear to conservatives, both social and fiscal. Another four years of Obama would fundamentally change this country in a move towards socialism.

Of course, the odds were stacked against a Republican win. There are more Democrats than Republicans and they came out in almost the same numbers as in 2008. Pretty hard to beat them without getting every single registered Republican to vote and we didn’t. Still did the Republicans not go out en mass?  Was there a lack of confidence due to all the negative press received by Romney? Could it be that some Republican voters really thought a Mormon president would be worse than one with a Socialist agenda???

Good Grief.

So, there will be much hashing and rehashing of the campaign and we’ll save that for another day.

Today, as we recover from the shock and sadness we have to wonder, can Republicans win?

Not only are there more registered Democrats but remember the 47%, that much ballyhooed number thrown out by the Obama camp?  It looks like Mitt Romney was right. He could not reach them. Why? This group included a large number are those who work but at lower income jobs who qualify for tax credits and get back more than they paid in (it’s redistribution pure and simple.) And an un-proportionally large group of these people are on Aid for Dependent Children, Food Stamps, receiving reduced rent and you remember those free phones.  The Obama administration was pleased to report that more people today are eligible for food stamps than at any previous time. They see this as a positive. And for them it is.

After all, who would bite the hand that feeds them?

Let the rich guy pay more taxes. Remember, in the European royalty, there are those with much who ‘help the little people’.

So, does anyone really expect the government ‘assistance’ to drop during the next four years? When those who receive ‘entitlements’ (and I’m not talking about Social Security or Medicare which hard working people pay in to) become the majority will Republicans ever be able to regain power?

It doesn’t look good does it? How soon before we run out of money and those who have become comfortable with the entitlement mentality riot in the streets? How soon before we look like Greece?

In a socialist society the government claims to have the best interest of the people at heart. “Feed the children,” they will say, but the children become so dependent on those handouts that they lose desire to improve themselves. In today’s society with the internet, television and video games we are inviting our youth to become self-absorbed. Without strong parental leadership and/or religious values many will choose to continue this life into adulthood.  Why have personal responsibility when there is someone to take care of you? You have nearly free food and rent so no need to work. There is free contraception so no need to have a moral compass and take any responsibility for your actions. The government will see that all your needs are covered…or so they say.

The Republican Party has two years (House of Representatives election and maybe take back the Senate) to get a plan in place. Can the Tea Party unify the GOP? Can we unite to vote for the best candidate rather than turn our noses up at one who might only be 70% in line with our ideals?

We have two years to convince those on entitlement programs that their life is not the American Dream and to motivate them to work for a better life. Or maybe we can’t reach them. Maybe we have to look for those who do believe in personal responsibility and have a willingness to work for a better life.  Maybe right now they are registered Democrats but just need to learn how they have more in common with our conservative values. But most of all we can’t have Republicans sit home on their asses, letting victory. . . and our way of life, be snatched away from us.

It’s going to be an uphill climb.

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Teresa Wendt

A stay at home mom who runs a household, manages the finances, cares for a young adult autistic son, and cooks from scratch. Traveling from Arizona to Alaska summer of 2013. Visit my blog at and follow along.

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