But I Guess It Doesn’t Matter


I can’t believe the people re-elected the worst president in history. A man hell bent on destroying this country and making it into a European socialist country, but I guess it doesn’t matter.
I can’t believe they re-elected a man who by his own top female advisors, Valerie Jarret and Anita Dunn admit he treats women like crap and makes the white house a hostile work place for women paying them18% less than their male counterparts and keeping them out of meetings with men, but I guess it doesn’t matter. What do you expect from a radical muslim?
I can’t believe the American people re-elected a man who when our ambassador and two marines called for help against Al Queda attackers ,he refused them help when they were only an hour away and watched them die real time. The theory being that in Sharia law muslims aren’t allowed to kill other muslims and he said he being a muslim would side with the muslims. He has shown he is incapable of protecting us . But I guess it doesn’t matter.
I can ‘t believe they re-elected a man who has increased our debt by six trillion to 16 trillion,60% in just four years where our debt is now greater than our economy and not sustainable and we are on the brink of becoming Greece, but I guess it doesn’t matter. Wait until our freedoms are taken away and benefits lost because we can no longer afford them and riots in the streets occur like in Greece and we are put under martial law. Never forget that the government just purchased a million hollow point bullets for just such an occasion, but I guess it doesn’t matter.
I can’t believe they re-elected a man where unemployment went from 6% to when Bush left office to 10% and then hovered around 8% for four years only to say “8% is the new normal.” But I guess it doesn’t matter.
I can’t believe they re-elected a man who caused gas prices to rise from $1.89 a gallon under Bush to $3.89 and turned down drilling here and imported contractors from China to work on our infrastructure here thus taking away jobs here, but I guess it doesn’t matter.
I can’t believe they re-elected a man who has a healthcare plan where senior citizens are denied much needed operations jus t to save expenses and doctors are rationed and who he himself has said senior citizens should forgo procedures and just die naturally.” But I guess it doesn’t matter.
And of course there are these reasons I can’t believe they re-elected him:

He bowed to foreign leaders.
He gave guns to Mexican drug gangs (Fast and Furious).
He ignored laws of the land he didn’t like.
He vastly increased the deficit.
He took over and corrupted our medical industry.
He divided us: rich vs poor, straight vs gay, black vs white, liberal vs conservative, etc.
He went all over the world apologizing for the U.S.
He denies American exceptionalism.
He lies. All the time. About everything.
He changes his accent when he talks to different groups.
He broke countless promises he made to voters.
He demanded a private company hand over $20 billion to one of his political appointees.
He said “Fox [News] is not real news.”
He said he would create five million new green jobs, but didn’t.
He wanted terrorists treated as common criminals.
He wanted to close Guantanamo.
He never takes responsibility for his failures. It’s always Bush’s fault, or “bumps in the road,” or whatever.
He wants to raise income taxes.
He wants to raise the death tax rate from 35% to 55%.
He promised, “I will not add one dime to the debt.”
His policies allowed the national debt to balloon from $10.6 trillion or more than $16 trillion.
He watched as the U.S. credit rating was downgraded — twice.
He did nothing as gas prices climbed from $1.74 per gallon to more than $3.89.
His ObamaCare regulations force citizens to buy healthcare, will result in rationing, and will involve the government in my healthcare decisions.
He was and continues to be a strong supporter of ACORN.
He has approved monetizing the debt, which will eventually lead to wild inflation.
He claims he wrote Dreams from My Father, but Bill Ayers claims he wrote it.
He nominated for Energy Secretary Steven Chu, who said, “we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe,” which were then roughly $8 a gallon. He continues to cling to the idea of global warming, which he uses to impose added governmental control.
He stopped oil drilling in the Gulf.
He vetoed the Keystone Pipeline.
He gives too many speeches.
He gave billions of dollars to pals with failing Green projects, many of which have now declared bankruptcy.
He forced the president of GM to resign.
He nationalized GM and Chrysler, giving unions billions.
He seems anxious to punish success.
He allowed frequent White House access to Andy Stern, SEIU.
He stated his energy plan would necessarily make energy prices “skyrocket.”
He promised to put all legislation on the Internet five days before it was voted upon, but didn’t.
He promised we’d be able to see the ObamaCare negotiations on C-SPAN, but we didn’t.
He defied a Federal Judge’s court order to cease implementing the Health Care Reform Law.
He won’t produce his real birth certificate.
He won’t release his medical, educational, or travel records.
He named 45 Czars to rule unaccountably.
He places communists, socialists, and Marxists to positions of power in government.
His administration failed to protect Ambassador Chris Stevens and three others, even though protection had been urgently requested.
He lied by saying a video caused Chris Stevens’ murder.
He supported a cover-up about intelligence regarding Chris Stevens’ murder.
He promised a thorough investigation of Chris Stevens’ murder, but no government officials investigated the scene for weeks, then spent just three hours there.
He said there were millions of “shovel-ready” jobs, then admitted there weren’t.
He’s friendly with Hugo Chevez.
He attended Jeremiah Wright’s church for 15 to 20 years, and seems sympathetic to the ideas of Jeremiah Wright.
He was good friends with Weather Underground leader Bill Ayers.
He is touted as a professor, but he never was a professor. He spends way too much time hobnobbing with Hollywood heavyweights.
He promised to balance to budget.
He played basketball when he should have been at work. Ditto for golf.
He refused to attend more than half of his national security briefings.
He delayed making important decisions, with harmful results.
He spent more time campaigning than doing his job.
He fired the inspector general of Ameri-corps when the inspector general caught one of Obama’s friends in a corruption case.
He told our enemies when we would remove our troops.
He has (reportedly) 22 personal, taxpayer supported servants for his wife.
He (reportedly) keeps a dog trainer on retainer for $102,000 a year — at taxpayer expense.
He told Boeing it could not manufacture airplanes in South Carolina.
He said he will no longer defend the constitutionality of a federal law banning recognition of same-sex marriage, thereby breaking his oath to defend the U.S. Constitution.
He supported the Occupy Wall Street movement.
He supported the Muslim Brotherhood.
He supported the Arab Spring uprising.
His actions have resulted in reduced U.S. respect around the world.
His wife wants to force her food choices on the rest of us.
He favors all forms of abortion, even after the baby has left the womb.
He promised his Stimulus program would keep unemployment below 8 percent. Then it rose to close to 10 percent.
He encouraged illegal aliens to come to the U.S. by implementing the Dream Act through executive fiat.
He seems intent on marginalizing Christianity, while honoring Islam.
He declared, “The U.S. is really a Muslim country.”
He personally apologized to the Muslim world for the burning of Qurans by American soldiers, but never said anything about the fact that the Qurans that were burned had been defaced and destroyed by Muslim prisoners. He and his wife lost their law licenses.
He extorted $350,000 from Gibson Guitars.
He promised Medvedev he’d have “more flexibility” after the election, meaning he intends to take action the American public won’t like.
He refused to prosecute those who intimidated voters at a polling place.
He sides against Israel.
He snubbed Benjamin Netanyahu.
He refused to meet with Netanyahu when Netanyahu specifically requested to meet.
His policies have made us less safe in the world.
He called the tragedy at Fort Hood a “workplace shooting,” rather than a terrorist act.
He had federal lawsuits filed against Arizona, Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana, and Florida.
He returned a bust of Churchill, thereby insulting England.
He gave DVDs of his own speeches to the British Prime Minister.
He said his stimulus would lift “2 million Americans from poverty,” but since Obama took office, 6.3 million Americans have fallen into poverty.
He watched as food stamp usage soared during his administration more than 30 percent to over 45 million.
He watched as median U.S. household annual income dropped about $5000 during his time in office.
He allowed legislation to be signed into law with an auto-pen without his being present. Never before done by a President.
He demanded repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act.
He embraced the teachings of his mentor, Frank Marshall Davis.
He likes the ideas of Saul Alinsky.
He seems intent on implementing Cloward and Piven.
He seems to follow the recommendations of George Soros.
He threatened members of the U.S. Supreme Court.
He is totally incompetent.
He’s arrogant, conceited, selfish, and doesn’t like America.

But I guess it doesn’t matter. I blame the media for censoring so much about him and having this slobbering love affair with him as Bernard Goldberg said and supporting a one world government with the U.N. in charge like he supports.
“Do not blame Caesar, blame the people of Rome who have so enthusiastically acclaimed and adored him and rejoiced in their loss of freedom and danced in his path and gave him triumphal processions. Blame the people who hail him when he speaks in the Forum of the ‘new, wonderful, good society’ which shall now be Rome’s, interpreted to mean: more money, more ease, more security, more living fatly at the expense of the industrious.” — Marcus Tullius Cicero

Welcome to the New World, same as the Old World.

Mindless morons pulled off the biggest fraud in American history, re-electing the most incompetent, unqualified, unlawful, and illegal president ever.
Welcome to the USSA. Enjoy the Kool-Aid!

According to the Mayan calendar,if you beleive in that,the world is supposed to end Dec.21st. Environmentalist wackos tell us that the polar ice caps are shifting and we’re all supposed to go flying off into space. 😀

                                   BUT I GUESS IT DOESN’T MATTER

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