Romney Hits A Home Run!!!

The first of three debates aired last night and was a huge upset for Obama. Romney hit home run after home run and was bright, articulate and right on message. It was if the professor was talking to the student. Several times Obama was looking down and not at Romney when he was speaking whereas Romney was always looking at Romney while he talked and had to explain things several times to him as if saying, ”This is how it’s done.”.
FOX News pollster Frank Luntz was with one of his focus groups made up of undecided voters and some who went for Obama last time said they will not vote for him this time. They were very disappointed and didn’t like the fact that Obama was meek and couldn’t seem to get along without his teleprompter. He seemed unprepared and looked like he didn’t want o be there. He probably wished he was out fund raising, campaigning or back on David Letterman’s show or being eye candy for the ladies on The View. His supporters are all aghast at his performance. .Even Bill Mahr who gave Obama a million dollars couldn’t believe what he saw tweeting “I can’t believe I’m saying this, but Obama does look like he needs a teleprompter” and “Obama made lot of good points unfortunately they all went to Romney.” If I were Bill Mahr I’d ask for my money back. 😀
Obama couldn’t reply with straight answers and stuttered several times. Everything he said came back to big government which his all he knows. Romney stressed smaller government and the private sector which is how you create jobs and stimulate the economy. Obama just looked befuddled as a student learning from the professor.
Several times moderator Bill Leher seemed to lose control over the debate as the two started talking over each other.
Romney showed the people a side they haven’t seen before being passionate, animated, intelligent and very sincere. He showed a business acumen towards solving problems which is what we sorely need right now. He attacked the boards in the healthcare/Obamacare plan that will decide who gets what care. The so called “death panels” Obama tried to deny that’s what they do, but it is true what Romney said if anyone reads the plan knows. Romney pointed out how many doctors are refusing medicare patients now because of Obama, transferring 700 billion dollars from medicare to his Obamcare.

Judging from his reaction below,I guess Chris Mathews no longer has that Obama thrill running up and down his leg. Hey Chris as blues guitarist B.B. King once sang,”The thrill is gone baby.” :D the thrill is goneB.B. KING – YouTube

Yes Romeny hit home run after home run and in little league rules when the other team is that far ahead you pack up and go home.

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Jim Clayton

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