Romney: Attack to Win

America’s 2012 deficit has surpassed the already outrageous and immoral deficit of 2011.  Despite hundreds of thousands of Iraqi and Afghani veterans not yet receiving their VA health care benefits Barack Obama has increased spending on foreign aid by 80 percent.

Where is that foreign aid going?  How much of it will fund America’s so-called allies in Libya, Egypt or Pakistan?  What portion of taxpayer’s money will end up in the hands of jihadists who posted threats on Facebook before their well-planned, coordinated 9/11 consulate attack in Benghazi, Libya; an assault that resulted in the death of four unprotected Americans?   Or will that money somehow end up in the coffers of the al Qaeda terrorists who bombed that same consulate twice in the weeks preceding the assault?

After repeated requests for increased security measures, why was the Benghazi consulate left unprotected by the Obama administration’s Departments of State and Defense?

If Benghazi is so unsafe that the entire U.S. staff has been pulled out, and the well trained, well equipped FBI cannot enter to investigate the “crime scene”, why were the U.S. Ambassador and three other Americans sent there?

Why is the Obama administration acting in full blown denial of al Qaeda and other elements of Islamofascism being alive and well and influential in the Middle East and North Africa?

With the Muslim Brotherhood in control of Egypt’s government, Egyptian women legitimately fear they will see their rights diminished.  In Afghanistan, where the Taliban and al Qaeda are patiently waiting out the pre-announced withdrawal of America’s armed forces, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s pledge to Afghani women that America will not abandon them and their rights is skating on thin ice.

At a meeting of the UN General Assembly in New York a senior North Korean diplomat warned that North and South Korea are ‘on the verge of nuclear war’.

Feeling safer now that Obama’s policies of appeasement are in full bloom?

On the home front, while America speeds towards a fiscal cliff that will throw the economy into a double dip recession and lead to huge tax increases, the Obama administration coerced Lockheed Martin into dropping plans to issue legally required layoff notices to employees in the swing state of Virginia.  The Office of Management and Budget promised Lockheed Martin that the government would pay the legal costs if Lockheed was charged with violating the WARN Act.  That means taxpayers will get stuck with the bill for the Obama administration’s encouraging Lockheed Martin to break the law.

Meanwhile, the nanny state and the nanny state mentality continue to “evolve”.  Now, the government has plans to “urge” parents to pattern their family dinners after school lunches.  Since when is it the government’s job to use American children to dictate dinner table fare to parents?

Two more U.S. Border Patrol agents have been shot.  In what may turn out to be a replay of the Brian Terry catastrophe, one died.  In what the Obama administration will certainly describe as an “isolated incident”, Fast and Furious weapons were found in the possession of a Juarez drug cartel leader.

The healthcare reform law, which was sold on the promise that middle income families would see their premiums reduced by $2,500, has caused them to rise by $3,000.  For each and every middle income family, that is a harsh $5,500 reality being imposed upon their already falling incomes.  In addition, private property owners now face a new Federal Surtax to help pay for Medicare…and hospitals now face new fines for readmitting Medicare patients “too quickly”.  How “too quickly” is defined will be determined by an unelected, unaccountable oligarchy in Washington DC; not the hospital, not the doctor, not the patient.

Low and Middle incomes have fallen sharply since Obama took office.  The reckless spending of Obama and members of his “progressive” body politic ensures it is only a matter of time before middle income families see their taxes rise.

In the face of this evidence, Americans are expected to believe that Mitt Romney is the one who is out of touch and hostile to the interests of America’s middle class?

In such a target rich environment, Mitt Romney should attack Barack Obama’s policies and record in a grand, sweeping, big picture, presidential fashion.  By doing so, Romney will be able to draw a clear distinction between his plans for America and Obama’s.  By employing this strategy, Romney stands to win considerably more than the October 3rd debate in Denver, Colorado.


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